The Cycle EXIF 2016 bicycle calendar

Almond X Linus Summer Bike

Almond X Linus Summer Bicycle

There are similarities that can be drawn between cycling and surfing; the pleasure of fluid motion and the zen-like action of movement within one’s environment are two that come to mind. California’s Almond Surfboards and Linus Bikes worked together to produce the ideal combination of the two.

Almond Surfboards are a passionate collective of Californian surfers, shapers and designers whose storefront on Old Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach is a little more than a comfortable walk from the waves but a three minute bicycle ride. Venice Beach locals Linus Bikes were an obvious partner to work with on a collaboration—their bikes share a similar aesthetic of traditional, reliable design with Almond’s longboards and retro fish shapes. Adam and Chad at Linus also happen to be surfers from South Africa, so the partnership was bound by a common love for the ocean.

The Almond X Linus Summer Edition bike is the quintessential beachside transport. A cherry wood crate on the rear rack will carry all the essentials for a surf session, while a board rack will keep your custom log out of the way while navigating the track to the beach. Linus bikes are cool, elegant and understated, and a perfect complement to your custom Almond board. You can view the range of Almond shapes on their website, and follow the happenings around the shop and beach on their blog. You can contact Linus Bikes through their website. Special thanks to Cam Oden for the photography.

Almond X Linus Summer Bicycle
Almond X Linus Summer Bicycle
Almond X Linus Summer Bicycle
Almond X Linus Summer Bicycle
Almond X Linus Summer Bicycle
Almond X Linus Summer Bicycle

  • Ira Cox

    Cool idea, but I hope they don’t catch a cross-wind… that thing would turn into a sail!

  • AlmondSurf

    haha true, fortunately the surf is best when it’s blowing offshore, so the wind would carry you straight to the beach…

  • cromofreak

    i wish linus would stop using hi-ten steel on its frames

  • yeww

    Where are the brakes?  Is this model a fixed gear?

    • Adam Leddin

      Hi yeww, it’s got a back-pedal coaster brake. Good for skids!

  • telekom

    Nice. I’d like to see a nice mountain-ready bike with a similar rack for a snowboard and opposing panniers to balance the weight and carry clothing etc. With psiked ice-tyres and a rack for boots you’d be all set to cycle up to the draglift. :)