Lino Messori – At the Speed of Heart

Lino Messori – At the Speed of Heart

The name of Lino Messori may not be as familiar as Ernesto Colnago or Edoardo Bianchi, for during his generation, Lino was one of many Italian frame builders with a little shop, creating elegant bicycles. Lino’s story is no less than wonderful, however.

Born in 1926, he has been a racer, a boxer, he has sung with Pavarotti, and made some of the most beautiful Italian bikes, the likes of which you’d be hard-pressed to find today. Luca Campanale today releases his short film about Lino’s life — thankfully subtitled for us non-Italians.

Lino Messori – Alla velocitá del cuore [at the speed of heart] from lucacampanale on Vimeo.

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