Autum Minion

Autum Minion

Autum are a US based group of designers that are producing some fine men’s accessories — wallets and slips for your iPad and MacBook Air. Their latest addition to the range is a sleek black cruiser called the Minion, and it’s no show pony.

The frame is an American made, custom built cantilever steel frame and is suspended by a classic double spring linkage fork. The drivetrain consists of 4130 Chromoly three piece cranks, sealed bottom bracket and a coaster brake. The wide section rims have been shod with 2.35” balloon tires, and the ensemble is topped off with a Brooks B73 spring saddle and leather grips. Excellent tailoring.

Limited to a laser engraved run of only 7, the Minion is built to order and is guaranteed to provide stylish inner-city transportation for the man who requires traditional aesthetics with a futuristic slant.

Autum Minion
Autum Minion
Autum Minion
Autum Minion
Autum Minion

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  • joe momma

    …B-U-Timous……..what fenders could this braintrust come up with….???…..???racing motor cycles came from bicycles and here visa versa…..

  • mack-o-matik

    where’s the engine damn, there’s an engine missin!

  • TeeBee

    Yay! Something I could actually see myself riding!

    Last pic – reminds me of the old Maxell commercials with the guy in the chair getting blown back by the sound…

  • w

    omg I also have a picture of a toaster in my living room!

  • shoreline

    Felt parts and black powdercoat for $1600?

  • Leston

    damn, its missing some fenders, a single cylinder small cc engine a tank tucked in there. delicious bicycle

  • Seton Watson

    I have number 7 and yes there are some Felt parts but a custom frame and build by Mode Bikes, so all good in my book