Baum Cycles Brian’s Corretto

Baum Cycles Brian's Coretto

Australia’s love for the custom bicycle dates back to the late 1800s — not bad for an internationally remote country that was colonized only a hundred years before. But today, it exists at the sharp end of the scene, with Baum Cycles sitting at its bleeding edge., their range topped by the Corretto.

Darren Baum began building frames out of Reynolds 753 in 1990, mentored by fellow Victorian and Master Frame Builder, Brian Cross. Today, Baum Cycles are the frame of choice for the road riding cognoscenti in Australia and overseas, producing stainless and titanium frames of the highest quality.

The bold graphics are a proud sight on any Saturday morning bunch ride and club criterium, but Baum Cycles also lists some of the world’s finest hard tail mountain bike frames in their portfolio. There’s also a ti and steel tourer available, which I’ve described before as the Land Rover of world travelers.

Baum Cycles Brian's Coretto
Baum Cycles Brian's Coretto
Baum Cycles Brian's Coretto
Baum Cycles Brian's Coretto

  • Fastmamil

    This bike is not bad…although there is that regrettable whiff of inauthenticity. Why do folks use Italian names for their bikes and lay claim to a heritage that is not really theirs? Or color schemes plagiarized from automotive racing themes?
    One would have thought that at the top end of the market, a builder would have enuf respect for the customer to not think that we would be impressed by names that end with an “o” or “i” or cartoon McQueen colors in such a self-unaware way.
    Which is why Llewellyn’s work I think is so much more tasteful…

  • anotherananonymouscommenter

    Fastmamil Not bad….

    They are named after coffees. Somehow ‘flat white’ wouldnt work.

    Australians have long drawn names with Italian influence. Perkins built as ‘Peroni’, Paconi is Italian as Pavlova, Frezoni (Cosgrove), Ciombola (Roberts)…

    Llewellyn also uses the Italian inspired names for his own bikes and finishes. Cadenzia, Lucentezza…

    Sounds like you’ve just come here to piss on the parade.

  • Crazypandakills

    I vote Lib.ride Baum !

    Another boring ,same old from a co. that keeps producing photo copy bikes.
    Wake me up when we get there