Baxter Fe2 O3

Baxter Fe2 O3

There’s been a high incidence of bikes on Cycle EXIF lately with a naturally weathered finish, which is a striking and necessary contrast to to immaculate pinlined lugs we see on most of the custom frames featured here. They achieve the same effect: highlighting the components of the build and proudly accentuating the fact the frame is built from steel.

Nicholas Baxter was given an old Apollo frame and was intending to build it up as a rain bike. That’s when he was struck with the inspiration to administer a rusted effect to the frame. It was first coated with a rust-proof primer and then the rust paint was applied. An oxidising solution was used to speed up the process and overnight the frame took on the appearance of having been pulled from the ocean.

Velo Orange supplied the fenders and bars, and the original 27″ rims were polished with the rear laced to a coaster brake hub. The rust effect provides a wonderful backdrop to the polished components and also to the Brooks leather tape and saddle, which Nicholas took to with a wood burning tool to achieve the decorative scroll work. A fantastic result, a vast improvement, I should imagine, on the original.
All photography by Nicholas Baxter.

Baxter Fe2 O3
Baxter Fe O3
Baxter Fe2 O3
Baxter Fe O3
Baxter Fe2 O3

  • Hope the rust doesn’t come off onto your clothes! That scrollwork is very striking. I wonder how many hours it took?

  • Lots of precious artifice but precious little art. 

  • revdub

    I’m usually a sucker for a rusted patina mixed with polished bits, but there is something off-putting about this. I think it is the artificial rust that is the factor. Too much.

  • a.

    cool Nic, love the saddle

  • Lanny Shay

    i agree that this one seems to be trying far too hard.

  • That Saddle is stunning and the photography isn’t too shabby either… All in all I like the style of this bike even though I would have painted it if it were mine.

  • Morgan Taylor

    This is a turd. 

  • PiratePete

    Do you think the uneven rusted surface of the frame would add air resistance and slow you down?? 

  • Funny that people don’t like the rust effect but love the saddle, I feel the opposite.

    On a side note, the rusted look probably does a lot to deter thieves…

  • Anyone know what kind of coaster brake hub that is?

  • Davidb

    Contador is using the rust finish on his bike this year in the tour. wind tunnel results proved it creates a negative back back pressure hence aiding acceleration

    Nick is well ahead of the time