Bianchi Conversion

Bianchi Conversion

Half of the romance of a bicycle is the simplicity of its design. Two circles and a couple of triangles, some minutiae like cogs and teeth and a chain. After that, you may as well just paint it a nice colour and away you go. Rolling art. There are some people out there, however, who just can’t leave well enough alone.

Andrew White is one of those people. The editor of an excellent bicycle blog called Fyxomatosis, he is a man of impeccable taste and knowledge. Collaborating with Dan Hale of Shifterbikes, he’s put together countless bikes, each an example of perfection. This conversion of a Bianchi strada frame into a fixed gear is one of my favourites, however. All the right parts, seemingly thrown together without effort. Nitto risers, Campagnolo Super Record Strada cranks and a BREV. FYXOMATOSIS chainring, Bianchi Mundialita Selle Italia saddle, and special touches like Bianchi cables and housing, celeste grips and a Bianchi bidon. It all comes together on a bronzed pair of Velocity Deep Vs and Phil Wood hubs.

Andy is a purveyor of rare and unobtainable frames and components. If you have a dream frame or build, classic, modern, or a combination of both, he can facilitate it. Bookmark Fyxomatosis for a regular installment of bicycle perfection.

Bianchi Conversion
Bianchi Conversion
Bianchi Conversion
Bianchi Conversion
Bianchi Conversion
Bianchi Conversion

  • NYR

    Needs more shots of the wheels, frame…hell even the pedals and water bottle…

  • Hi NYR, here’s the link to Andy’s original blog post which has all the detail shots you require:

    I linked back to it in the copy…

  • Waste of a great frame. Deep dish rims and no gears? Bloody pretentious IMO.

  • bianchi pista makes a superb daily rider and no two on the road are the same

  • Harry Farquhar

    Celeste is such a beautiful color and this bike is superbly executed.
    That frame could only go to waste if it wasn’t ridden on a regular basis
    the drivetrain configuration is completely irrelevent. Saying bloody is however seriously pretentious IMO.

  • Harry, opinions are going to vary when there are such a wide variety of bikes shown on the blog. I try to limit my comments to the bikes.

    ‘bloody’ is a pretty common term in Central Aus…where I grew up. I think the ‘farquh – ar’ was a little harsh.

  • TC

    It’s a daily driver and if stripping it down to a single gear breathes new life into an old frame – then all the better.

    Gears or no gears, fixed or free, the great thing about bike blogs such as these is diversity and if they were all the same it would be dead boring.

    Ride safe