Bishop Bikes 650B Rando

Bishop Bikes 650B Rando

The construction of a randonneur bicycle requires far more design and fabrication than, say, a track bike, due to the extra functionality required by a cycle tour. Add-ons like integrated lighting, pannier racks or decaleurs and extra water bottle bosses can easily mean up a lot more time behind the torch and file. A Bishop Bike will take even longer, due to Chris Bishop’s remarkable level of finishing.

Bishop Bikes 650B Rando

Just as we love track bikes for their simplicity, a well-constructed randonneur is an elaborate and impressive thing. Chris built this 650B rando for a San Franciscan who is planning on riding it around California. That ‘love bus’ paint, applied by Bryan Myers of Fresh Frame, will help it to blend into the background, especially around its hometown.

Bishop Bikes 650B Rando

The tubing is a true mixed bag: Chris had an old stock set of Reynolds Imperial Oval fork blades on the shelf that were commissioned into service, along with a custom tapered Reynolds down tube that increases stiffness at the bottom bracket while still enabling the use of traditional lugs. The lugs are a vintage Cherubim set that were filleted and filed.

Bishop Bikes 650B Rando

A True Temper OX Platinum head tube is up front; the rest of the ensemble consists of a Columbus Life seat tube, and chain and seat stays of Columbus Nivacrom. Chris fabricated the stainless steel rack and integrated a cable hanger and decaleur. The stem is nickel-plated and also custom. The SON SL hub is contacting a pickup on the fork dropout, powering an Edelux light.

Bishop Bikes 650B Rando

I asked Chris how many hours went into this build, and the answer, “about 160 hours”, is a fair explanation as to why it is so spectacular. Special thanks to Shannon Ayres for the photography. See more on the Bishop Bikes Flickr.

Bishop Bikes 650B Rando

  • James Moore

    simply, gorgeous.

  • Tony Pereira

    Every time I see one of Chris’s bikes on a blog I make sure to tell the world that he is one of the best out there. His craftsmanship and attention to detail is pretty hard to beat. I don’t care if it costs me a sale. Everyone should know. I hope he charges for his time! See you at NAHBS, Chris.

    • Chris bishop

      Damn Tony you’re making me blush. See you at NAHBS! And thanks Adam for the post.

  • Tony Pereira

    P.S. This bike is gorgeous.

  • Jef Hordijk

    Nice… and nice crankset.. is it a Herse?

    • Ernest Newmann

      Jef, that’ the new production Herse crankset made by Jan Heine’s company. See Compass Bicycles or Bicycle Quarterly, both in Seattle Wa. USA

  • Simon Hillier

    To any aspiring bike builder there is not better example of the workmanship that goes into these amazing bikes, a great commendation by a great bike builder (Tony P) also helps to prove the point !!!

  • singlespeedscott

    Love it. Especially the aqua colour. It would be even better without the pink highlights.

  • bianca malata

    died and gone to heaven! *drooling on the way there*