Trek Broadsider
Never fear, Cycle EXIF won’t be making a habit of profiling the latest releases of the multi-national, corporate bike manufacturers. But when it comes to this custom, one-off project by the in-house design team of Trek, we’re going to make an exception. This amazing looking machine has been dubbed the ‘Broadsider’ and, coming from a creative industry background, I’ve been impressed by the components of this project. The industrial design team has gone so far as to produce a graphic novel in conjunction with the bike and in doing so has not only produced a bicycle, but a personality.

Set in a post-apocalyptic, ‘post oil’ world, this is the personal ride of a fictional ‘cliff rider’ Max Malco, who lost his life saving a young boy from his race rivals. Far-fetched stuff, yes, but this project is purely hypothetical. It won’t be going into production which is a pity because bicycle speedway is a sport with as much cult following and heritage as bike polo. I’ve always been a sucker for a clearcoated, raw weld finish, it describes the heat and fire involved in producing a frame. From that to the hand-sewn leather saddle, chainstay guard and hand grips, this bike is most definitely the pedal powered version of that cinematic classic Mad Max.
Special thanks to Todd Herbst for the well-taken studio shots.

Trek Broadsider
Trek Broadsider
Trek Broadsider
Trek Broadsider

  • Looks heavy. I LOVE IT.

  • sibkey

    really! really great bike!
    you guys needs more photos and articles about custom bikes, cruisers, choppers etc.
    fixie today are trend, cruisers are classic!

  • Ron Mason

    This is inspiring! Beauty in metal on rubber, it doesn’t get any better.

  • Spike

    Oh my days that is simply gorgeous!

    I’ve never owned now wanted to own a Trek, but if they made this, I’d buy one in a heartbeat for the ride to work!

  • toddonbike

    Baadasss, a limited run is definitely in order. Collectors would gobble it up. Eccentric BB a nice touch. Perfect for NYC.

  • Ripper Ride! Bad-Ass is just the start of the description..

  • Broadsider is amazing experience of bike riding. That’s really nice bike. Nice information. Thanks for sharing with us.

  • wally

    If Mad Max owned a bike it’d defeinitely be such on.

  • emeglasson