Brother Cycles Flâneur

Brother Cycles Flâneur

Only a city like Paris could provide the right environment for the evolution of the character known as a flâneur, but you will find them in every city in the world. There’s no English equivalent for the term, it basically means stroller, saunterer, drifter — neither of which are accurate. But if you’ve ever taken a ride through the city and felt completely alive, invisible and one with the environment, then you’ll understand the inspiration behind Andreas Maas and his Brother Cycles.

Inspired by the minimal look of the urban track bike, the timeless combination of honey leather and British Racing Green, Andreas purchased a frame from Brother Cycles. Deciding the over-saturated colors were too clumsy, he powder coated the frame in the black-green shade of RAL6012. To complement, he hand stitched the bar tape in antique-brown leather sourced from a local tanner. Classic and reliable components from Nitto, Brooks, Campagnolo and H Plus Son completed the build.

Susan Sontag described the camera as the ideal tool of the flâneur, but Andreas created a bicycle to rival that title. Ironically, he’s a passionate photographer himself, so perhaps it’s a draw. It’s a nice bike to finish the year on, too: I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the builders, photographers, bloggers and sponsors who have helped make Cycle EXIF such a great experience over 2012. Our community is full of incredible people and I’m looking forward to bringing you more of their stories in 2013.

Most importantly, thank you to every rider and reader of Cycle EXIF. Happy New Year!

Brother Cycles Flâneur
Brother Cycles Flâneur
Brother Cycles Flâneur
Brother Cycles Flâneur
Brother Cycles Flâneur

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  • Now&Zen

    This bike is so clean and ‘ classic ‘ it almost hurts …. in such a very good way to look at it . Is there even as much as a single imperfection on the thing ? I doubt it . Absolutely Stunning !

  • V

    Is somebody know, what is the brake levers using in this bike?

  • mudplug

    Loving the subtle, natural colour scheme. It does make me wonder how well the natural colours would really blend in to the city environment – but then the human eye sees things differently to the 2D camera, so maybe it would. Plus, it’s Paris we’re talking about.

    I’ll echo the comment on how clean the build is. Gloriously simple, if that works…

  • Pete

    Really nice bike. Could you tell us the spec for the brakes and levers?

  • Kilroy

    I’ve seen several excellent ss/fixed bicycles built inspired by utter simplicity and the retention of dual brakes. Of those, there aren’t many that come to mind that have ever captured the essence of the modern bicycle so elegantly. Bravo!

  • Andreas

    Hi everybody,
    Andreas here. Thanks CycleEXIF for featuring my new ride. It’s a pleasure to be part of the gallery.

    And thanks a lot for the nice comments, guys! Wish you all a great 2013 and happy bike building.

    Pete, V: those are Soma Urban Cross Levers 🙂

    btw: those who are interested in the making of the bar tape, I attached a few pictures documenting the process to this post.

    Cheers, Andreas

    • Artur Grabias

      It is incredibly beautiful! I am in love with your bike, Andreas! Thank you very much for the additional information and inspiration to build my own!