Cannondale Track

Cannondale Track

There is something about the silhouette of a Cannondale that will always make me turn a shade of green—those oversized tubes, the suicidal looking dropouts, the seamless welds… they speak of an American elegance and ruggedness unachievable by any other make. That ‘Handbuilt in the USA’ sticker, however is what makes early ‘Dales so highly sought after.

This is the beloved ride of Angelo Calilap, a keen photographer you may have seen the work of around the blogs. His 1992 Cannondale Track has been through a couple of different cockpit variations, but is now looking comfortable wth risers and that gorgeous Nitto Pearl 9 stem. To me, the lines are stunning, and I imagine it must roll pretty smoothly as well, with the tried and tested Phil Wood hubs / Velocity Deep V combination. Angelo’s running a 49:18 ratio, rotating around Campagnolo Record pista cranks and ring, perfect for Jersey City cruising.

See more of Angelo’s photography on his flickr stream and his blog, including great captures of New York from a cyclists perspective.

Cannondale Track
Cannondale Track
Cannondale Track
Cannondale Track
Cannondale TrackCannondale Track
Cannondale Track

  • Mark

    Great looking bike, but it’s sure a pity it doesn’t have proper handlebars on it.

  • Pavel

    awesome bike with ugly handlebars :-p

  • sinister gates

    Drops or bullhorns!! Why ride so upright with those ugly bars?? Waste of a frame. I’m sure it gets ridden, but still.

  • dobbs

    can’t do barspins with drops!

    nice bike though.

  • Mark

    Can’t do barspins with 700c front wheel and track geometry either though…

  • Ante

    Love Cannondales, so tough

  • Great bike, the only downside is that Cannondale is sadly not a true American brand any more…

  • LUv it. i converted mine made in the usa cannondale to a beach cruiser.

    • David cyclist

      Thats like I saying I converted my Ferrari to a Pontiac Grand Am.

  • Harry Farquhar

    These types of conversions inevitably trigger a response of ‘waste of a frame’ a sentiment with which I strongly disagree. A waste of a frame is the beautiful 70’s era Raleigh mixte I have hanging in the garage collecting dust. Any machine this beautifully finished that gets ridden on a regular basis regardless of where that takes place is exactly what a bicycle is intended to do.

  • Jonathan Key

    I concur with Mr Farquhar. Which reminds me that hanging in the attic I have a Cannondale Delta V (1994 model, custom painted Peugeot Blue) which suffered an injury when it fell down an Edinburgh tenement stairwell (don’t ask) – 26′ down to a flagstone floor. Trying to find an aluminium welder to repair the hairline crack in the seat-tube proved rather tiresome, thus its current dust-gathering state. When mended, whatever its Frankensteinian alterations produce won’t matter an iota, if it’s wheeled back out into the cyclescape and pedalled.

  • Don Hatcher

    I know it’s my age and background, but it reminds me of a lost pedigree dog.
    The poor thing belongs on the velodrome with it’s proper kit. One of the nicest track bikes I’ve ever seen was a Cannondale with a plain polished frame hammering around the boards. They are a lovely frame and somehow the fat tubes look right on the track. Sorry, I shall return to my ”Retro Grouch News” now.

  • Thanks for posting up my steed! As for those looking for the other non-riser cockpits that I have on my ‘dale, feel free to check my Flickr. Cheers!

  • the perfect frame