Classic Bicycles

Lino Messori – At the Speed of Heart

The name of Lino Messori may not be as familiar as Ernesto Colnago or Edoardo Bianchi, for during his generation, Lino was one of many Italian frame builders with a little shop, creating elegant bicycles. Lino’s story is no less… Read more »

Paul Brodie and the Starley Giraffe

For the past couple of years, we’ve had the honour of watching Paul Brodie manufacture a highly complicated frame to be exhibited at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show. In 2012, he walked us through each step in re-building an… Read more »

Peloton Cycling Tours: L’Eroica

Until I am actually living in Italy and riding my old bikes through the hills and gorging myself on local produce, I will have to look forward to attending L’Eroica. It’s on again this year, from the 30th September to… Read more »

Lino Messori – At the Speed of Heart

Luca Campanale just emailed me with news of the movie he is just about to release about the story of Lino Messori, one of Modena’s master builders. The concept for the film lies with Paolo Chiossi, whose beautiful Italian bikes… Read more »

Husqvarna Bicicleta

The Husqvarna motorcycle brand is now a subsidiary of BMW Motorrad, but can trace its lineage back to 1689, where it began life as an arsenal for the Swedish army. The first motorcycle rolled out of the factory in 1903… Read more »

M. Kint

M. Kint is a Belgian marque who offer a fairly ubiquitous range of fiets, but few of their customers, even Cycle EXIF readers, will be aware that the founder of the company, Marcel Kint, was actually the longest reigning Road… Read more »

Raleigh Chopper

On Friday the 18th of May 2012, a 85 year-old man named Alan Oakley died after a long battle with cancer. While you may not recognize his name, you will surely be familiar with the iconic bicycle from the seventies… Read more »