Commuter Bicycles

Chiossi Dirt Tracker

The city of Modena is an ancient one, built around faded winding streets and pastel alleyways. It is known as ‘The Capital of Engines’, because the factories of Ferrari, De Tomaso, Lamborghini, Pagani and Maserati are, or were, located in… Read more »

WIND Fast Commuter

How many of you even knew that MTB beach racing was actually a ‘thing’? Along the European coastline, apparently, it’s quite a big thing, with pro teams and relatively substantial prize money. Bart Veuger is a Dutch beach racer, as… Read more »

Legor Cicli Chico e Chica

The story behind the latest bike, or bikes — as it will be revealed — to leave the workshop of Italy’s Legor Cicli reads like a cinematic love story. Maybe La Doce Vita, with a little bit of Ladri di… Read more »

Batavus Old Dutch Leather

How many of us sit for hours every day in front of a computer screen? We’re all connected — except for those who choose to live ‘off the grid’ — by the internet, and many of us rely on the… Read more »

Lady Karma

Paul Brodie is a name that will be familiar to those old enough to remember when the majority of mountain bikes were made from steel. He’s one of the founding fathers of the Canadian mountain biking scene and these days… Read more »

Handsome Cycles x MIA

These days, the design, colour and effect that is applied to a frame plays as much of a starring role as the groupset or accessories that are installed upon it. With good reason, too. It takes a high level of… Read more »

Speedvagen Urban Racer

The city is the petri dish that has given rise to so many aspects of our culture, inasmuch as the outdoor environment is its antithesis. Sacha White’s Speedvagen project has enabled us to explore the great outdoors on his road… Read more »