Seven Cycles 622M SLX

Anyone can take a photo of a bicycle. But one ingredient that is sure to set excellent photos of bicycles above average photos of bicycles is, invariably, that the photographer actually rides bikes themselves. Jeff Curtes is an incredibly skilled… Read more »

Gear: Bombtrack Arise

In a world of wireless shifting, wind tunnels and advanced frame damping designs, it’s rare to see a big bike company attempting to make their bikes more simple. Bombtrack is relatively new to the scene, first starting out in fixed… Read more »

Scott Boulder

To quote a famous Australian bike blogger and photographer: “It doesn’t matter what you ride, it just matters that you ride.” So while mountain bike tech continues to push both upward and downhill, it’s refreshing to remember that just as… Read more »

Saffron x DSC Snow Bike

If you somehow managed to get all of David Gwyther’s — A.K.A Death Spray Custom — artwork in one room at the same time, the atmosphere could be described as highly combustible. And it wouldn’t just be from the vapours.… Read more »

Yeti SB4.5c

It doesn’t seem all that long ago that Yeti Cycles celebrated their 25th Anniversary of creating progressive mountain bikes, but here they are again, announcing special 30th birthday editions of their SB6c enduro sled and the brand new SB4.5c. Sydney’s… Read more »

Pedalino Bikes Gravel Queen

Six months ago, a ‘cross bike was featured on Cycle EXIF, built by Julie Ann Pedalino, one of the very few female frame builders in the world. After a successful debut on the New Builders table at the 2015 NAHBS,… Read more »

Vanguard Kestrel MX-Z

In 1989, the mountain bike press weren’t lost for words when reviewing the new Kestrel MX-Z, but you could tell they were astounded by the sight of its monocoque frame. Today, it’s still an eye-catching bike and this example even… Read more »