Terrible One Barcode

There’s plenty of dictionary definitions of ‘terrible’ — and none of them are pleasant. Most of them run along the lines of very shocking and upsetting or very bad or unpleasant. Although appearances can be deceiving, none of them apply… Read more »

T1 Ti Barcode

A favourite book on my shelf is called Rad Rides, a compendium of the Best BMX Bikes Of All Time. It’s a must-read for any fan, exploring the world of the hardcore BMX collector. Many of the featured bikes are… Read more »

1988 GT Pro Freestyle Tour

By the mid-70s, bicycle motocross had grown from a bunch of neighbourhood kids racing their Schwinn Sting-Rays around dirt tracks in empty southern Californian lots to a full-blown phenomenon. Gary Turner, a former drag car racer, decided to build his… Read more »

S&M Intrikat

In 2012, S&M Bikes celebrated their 25th anniversary of manufacturing US-made BMX frames and components. Not a bad innings. Formed from the initials of Chris Moeller and Greg Swingrover, the company is responsible for bringing into reality some of the… Read more »

LixBMX RAWR Cobra Pro

Restoring an old bicycle can be an extremely rewarding project, especially when you finally get to roll around on it. Of course, there are always going to be challenges, whether it’s sourcing a rare part or discovering a thread pitch… Read more »


A few years ago, Freemans Sporting Club, all-American-made clothier and providore, and the sadly-defunct Freeman Transport collaborated on a ‘townie’ that raised the ire of both fashionistas and velo-spotters alike. Like most things, beauty is in the eye of the… Read more »

Deluxe Sacre Bleu

Maxime Bimar is a Deluxe BMX team rider who gets plenty of airtime at the local trails around his southern French hometown of Peynier. The Sacre Bleu is his signature frame — a serious frame for serious riders and, as… Read more »