Koizumi Madison Taipan

Some guys go to incredible lengths to restore an old school BMX to period correctness, but Lixy Bacskay is a female Kiwi artist whose latest project, a Koizumi Madison Taipan, eclipsed them all — the final result is a testament… Read more »

Wilkerson Airlines Riot

In 1988, Ron Wilkerson was the points leader in the American Freestyle Association (AFA) pro ramps class. Halfway through his run, he crashed while performing his trademark trick — a no-footed, no-handed ‘Nothing Air’. It was a disastrous accident which… Read more »

Eastern Bikes Ti Grim Reaper

The BMX is intentionally overbuilt to withstand the rigors of their intended purpose, so manufacturers tread a fine line between structural integrity and usability. Joe Stevenson decided to test the limits of the Eastern Bikes Grim Reaper — with some… Read more »

Mike’s Custom Solid

There’s plenty of steel frames scattered through the pages of Cycle EXIF that have been purposely left in their raw state. Traces of oxidization and evidence of their construction provide an honest contrast for textures such as leather, chrome and… Read more »

Zodiac Engineering Terrible One

This is the latest iteration of Ken Spaulding’s Terrible One. If you happened to invest in the 2011 Cycle EXIF Calendar, you’ll remember its first incarnation in April in raw steel that served double duty as a display stand for… Read more »

Healing Freestyler

If you’re like me and think BMX Bandits is still Nicole Kidman’s best work, you’ll also appreciate this Healing Freestyler. Healing was New Zealand’s sister company to Australia’s Malvern Star — manufacturer of virtually every Aussie’s first bike and the… Read more »

Classified Moto x P.K. Ripper

The legends of Scott Breithaupt, Perry Kramer and SE Bikes are intrinsically woven into the annals of BMX history. While Scott has been declared the ‘Undisputed Founding Father of BMX‘, Perry lends his name to one of the most popular… Read more »