Gear: Bombtrack Arise

In a world of wireless shifting, wind tunnels and advanced frame damping designs, it’s rare to see a big bike company attempting to make their bikes more simple. Bombtrack is relatively new to the scene, first starting out in fixed… Read more »

Saffron x DSC Snow Bike

If you somehow managed to get all of David Gwyther’s — A.K.A Death Spray Custom — artwork in one room at the same time, the atmosphere could be described as highly combustible. And it wouldn’t just be from the vapours.… Read more »

Pedalino Bikes Gravel Queen

Six months ago, a ‘cross bike was featured on Cycle EXIF, built by Julie Ann Pedalino, one of the very few female frame builders in the world. After a successful debut on the New Builders table at the 2015 NAHBS,… Read more »

SingleBe Caleido SSCX

When it comes to the custom bike scene, there’s plenty to talk about in the Czech Republic, what with the Podia crew, Festka, Rozzo and Tomas Kutin’s SingleBe Bikes. Creating bikes that aren’t afraid of challenging conventions seem to be… Read more »

Rogers Bespoke Songailo CX

To be fair, we haven’t seen too many cyclocross bikes made by Australian custom builders. But it’s a sure sign that the sport is on the ascendence in the Antipodes when we do, and it’s a positive one when they… Read more »

Julie Ann Pedalino CX

Cycling is very much a male-dominated sport but that, thankfully, is changing. And there’s even less female custom framebuilders than male — another statistic that is gradually changing. Kansas City is home to Julie Ann Pedalino, who will be making… Read more »

Baum Turanti

It was only yesterday that I was reminiscing about hearing Darren Baum speak at the first Australian Custom Bicycle Show and being so inspired about the state of the Aussie custom scene. Then today I came across the titanium Turanti… Read more »