Hunter Cycles Cyclocross

Rie Sawada from Tokyo’s Sim Works is just about to complete a 5,000km journey on her custom ‘coffee bike’, specially built for her by Santa Cruz’s Rick Hunter. Designed to be a long distance tourer, her Hunter is also a… Read more »

Feather Cycles Cyclocross

Autumn has descended upon the Northern Hemisphere, heralding the onslaught of cyclocross season. Component manufacturers must rub their hands with glee at the thought of all those mud-clogged derailleurs and drivetrains. So is Ricky Feather, who has somehow managed to… Read more »

Richard Sachs x House Industries

Any graphic designer or brand manager will tell you how important it is to have a strong logo and ‘identity’ to compete in the commercial world. But it’s also important to have a strong product, or else you’re just polishing… Read more »

Wittson Custom Ti Cycles

Ernesto Colnago’s use of titanium can cause quite a stir amongst aficionados. There’s not a lot of factual history that can be sourced in regards to their place in the Colnago family tree, or who built them, but the story… Read more »

Cielo Cross Classic

Chris King’s Cielo Cross Classic frame was designed to do one thing well, and that’s be good at lots of things. You could ride a cyclocross race on it, but that would only be half the fun. As everyone’s beginning… Read more »

Zukas Cycles Cyclocross

Cycling Australia’s 2013 National Cyclocross Series is drawing to a close, with Races 1 and 2 being held in Adelaide over June. Melbourne photographer Andy Rogers has been following the rounds and documenting each through his skilled lens. While in… Read more »

Field Cycles Cross / Classics

The Briton’s fascination with enjoying cups of tea at regular intervals can be a little much for foreigners to understand, but even a short visit to the island of Great Britain will make it easier to swallow. Field Cycles, based… Read more »