Blitz Machines Mt Arthur

The traditional name for New Zealand’s Mount Arthur is Tuao Wharepapa. To the chagrin of most New Zealanders, it can best be described as a place straight out of Middle Earth: an ancient chunk of hard, crystalline marble, that hides… Read more »

Fat Chance Yo Eddy 29er

One of the biggest headlines of 2014 in the custom frame building world was that Chris Chance of Fat Chance Bicycles was getting back in the business. Following a hugely enthusiastic Kickstarter, marketing and social media campaign, production has begun.… Read more »

Groovy Cycleworks Kauai 6-5-0

Sydney is currently in the grip of a major storm; the wind has been blowing the rain horizontally for the past three days, whipping the sea into a frenzy and strewing half the beach across the carpark. The ocean’s power… Read more »

Rosko 650b MTB

Who says New York is the greatest city in the world? Probably everyone who lives there, or has previously lived there, or has visited there. Still, it’s not the skyscrapers or the bridges or the avenues that that makes NY… Read more »

Klein Adroit

Fans of Seinfeld must remember Jerry’s green Klein MTB hanging on the wall in his apartment; they are one of the most iconic brands of the 90s fat tire scene. That era also gave rise to a human icon: David… Read more »

Salsa Beargrease

From Cycle EXIF’s technical correspondent, Richard Gearing. I’d been looking to get back into mountain biking for a while, but the options were becoming overwhelming — do I make use of the fact that they’re a slowly dying breed and… Read more »

Julie Ann Pedalino CX

Cycling is very much a male-dominated sport but that, thankfully, is changing. And there’s even less female custom framebuilders than male — another statistic that is gradually changing. Kansas City is home to Julie Ann Pedalino, who will be making… Read more »