Exotic Bicycles

Stormtrooper Bike

It seems that even the custom beach cruiser is not exempt from the long fingers of The Emperor. Or maybe, the Galactic Empire isn’t even safe from beach cruiser customization. Whatever your perspective, Max Denisov — AKA Dee-Troy, from Moscow’s… Read more »

Bonobo Plywood Bicycle

Forget the budget parts, the color-matched chain/grips/pedal combo which brings back, with a shudder, early memories of our beloved ‘fixie’ craze. Forget the non-driveside shot and even the awkward-looking saddle angle. Kudos to a design and designer who has dared… Read more »

AUTUM Epitaph

US-based design firm AUTUM created a stir on Cycle EXIF with their Minion bicycle, the limited run of which rapidly sold out. Their exclusive range of men’s accessories has been complemented again with another bike, the Epitaph, a dark and… Read more »

Ricor’s Wooden Bike

Here’s one definitely for the enthusiasts, an encouraging reminder that there are those who seek to improve on the classic, traditional layout of the bicycle frame and its materials. Whether that’s actually possible or not depends on your perspective, but… Read more »

REW10 Cruiser

Look again, that’s not just a reflection in the mirror-like chrome, that’s a long point lug. And yes, that’s a custom fillet brazed frame. REW10 Works is, from what I can make out, a one-man workshop in Tokyo who has… Read more »

Road Kandy Sangria Vida

You can hang on to your color matched Aerospoke rims, grips and pedals. In the bicycle world, there are none more passionate about customization than the crew at Road Kandy Customs. When I saw the photos of Sangria Vida, a… Read more »

Autum Minion

Autum are a US based group of designers that are producing some fine men’s accessories — wallets and slips for your iPad and MacBook Air. Their latest addition to the range is a sleek black cruiser called the Minion, and… Read more »