Artisan Magazine—Kumo Cycles

Artisan Magazine is an iPad magazine that focuses on stories of the local, personal and unique—all things handmade, simple and beautiful. It started as a collaborative project between three friends and colleagues: Natalie Hunfalvay, Leigh-Ann Thomas and Bhavani Konings, who… Read more »

Interview: Bilenky Cycle Works

Bicycling Magazine‘s Andrew David Watson created this lovely interview with Stephen Bilenky who, if you’re lucky enough to make it along to the 2013 North American Handmade Bicycle Show, will be at Booth #937.

Interview: Death Spray Custom

Death Spray Custom is a name just as enigmatic as the work produced by the London-based artist. We’ve seen the iconic images of his efforts filter through the blogosphere for the past few years and I, for one, greatly anticipate… Read more »

Interview: Busyman Bicycles

It’s no secret that Melbourne is Australia’s cultural and cycling capital: a heady mix of interesting laneways, cafes, art galleries and an even topography have all contributed to a city dedicated to the pursuit of aesthetic gratification. No surprise, then,… Read more »

Interview: Ride & Seek Bike Tours

If you’ve ever entertained a dream of riding a grand European tour of your own, through famous wine regions and sampling the local delicacies, or perhaps following in the footsteps of historic legends like Hannibal or Napoleon, Ride & Seek… Read more »

Interview: Fast Boy Cycles

A Fast Boy Cycle was featured the first week Cycle EXIF went live, and after all the ornate lugs, flash paint schemes and bold logos that we see here, each bike by Ezra Caldwell is like a breath of fresh… Read more »

Interview: Adam Eldridge

After featuring a few bikes by Stanridge Speed, I was keen to find out a little more about the man who wields the torch, Adam Eldridge. It’s refreshing to hear the thoughts of a staunchly patriotic builder who places such… Read more »