Interview: Ian Sutton

Ian Sutton builds frames with an unmistakable left field approach. He can perfectly blend art and function, resulting in machines that are simultaneously svelte, sublime and visually mind-bending. Most Cycle EXIF readers will know you as the man behind Icarus… Read more »

Interview: Dario Pegoretti

Dario Pegoretti is one of the most colorful characters in the bicycle industry. His hand-painted frames (coupled with his technical innovations and custom drawn Columbus and Deda tubes) are some of the most recognizable in the industry. Whether the paint… Read more »

Interview: Andrew White

If you’ve any interest in track bikes, classic road bikes or velo photography, you’ve no doubt heard of fyxomatosis. It’s the journal-style website of Andrew White, one of Melbourne’s most passionate cyclists. He’s known for his immaculate restorations and builds… Read more »

Interview: Adam C. Eldridge

Photos of Stanridge Speed’s completed Highstreet Pursuit appeared last week, garnishing interest by featuring a 30mm bottom bracket—not to mention impeccable craftsmanship and a striking paint scheme. The man behind Stanridge Speed, Adam C. Eldridge, explains his theory behind the… Read more »