Insight: Bavabici

One of the great reasons to travel is to gain an insight into human interaction. Being a traveling cyclist means that you get to meet other cyclists, who happen to be some of the most interesting people. You’ll most likely… Read more »

Insight: PEdAL ED

Adjoining the Brooks England concept store in London’s Seven Dials, B1866, is a presentation of cycle wear by Japan’s Hideto Suzuki. To be honest, I hadn’t really had a close look at Hideto’s PEdAL ED range, so I was thankful… Read more »

The Reach For The Dream Project

This just in from Manual For Speed: Manual For Speed in collaboration with Argonaut Cycles and Speedvagen present Reach For The Dream. A guide to self-actualization through living the custom life. Today we launch the first of two parts –… Read more »

The Bicycle Academy All-Star Lineup

From the press release: This year, The Bicycle Academy‚Äôs Somerset-based frame building school is on course for even better grades, thanks to the addition of two British bicycle building masters. Andrew Denham, founder and head teacher of the bike-building school… Read more »

Experiments in Speed

Here’s the full version of Experiments in Speed, a short film produced by Spindle Productions about Tom Donhou‘s quest to build a garage attempt on the landspeed record. Although it was completed with the tiniest fraction of Team Sky’s budget… Read more »

Boutique Cycle Tours

Thanks to Australia’s antipodean timezone, it is well past midnight while I prop my eyelids open and watch Stage 14 of the one hundredth Tour de France. My consciousness drifts between Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett‘s dulcet tones and my… Read more »

Athena Bikes: Build Process Step 2

Dan Bailey is a Minneapolis frame builder whose shop is called Pallas Athena Custom Bicycles and he’s been walking us through the construction of custom a cyclocross frame. Here’s Step 2.