The Reach For The Dream Project

This just in from Manual For Speed: Manual For Speed in collaboration with Argonaut Cycles and Speedvagen present Reach For The Dream. A guide to self-actualization through living the custom life. Today we launch the first of two parts –… Read more »

The Bicycle Academy All-Star Lineup

From the press release: This year, The Bicycle Academy‚Äôs Somerset-based frame building school is on course for even better grades, thanks to the addition of two British bicycle building masters. Andrew Denham, founder and head teacher of the bike-building school… Read more »

Experiments in Speed

Here’s the full version of Experiments in Speed, a short film produced by Spindle Productions about Tom Donhou‘s quest to build a garage attempt on the landspeed record. Although it was completed with the tiniest fraction of Team Sky’s budget… Read more »

Boutique Cycle Tours

Thanks to Australia’s antipodean timezone, it is well past midnight while I prop my eyelids open and watch Stage 14 of the one hundredth Tour de France. My consciousness drifts between Paul Sherwen and Phil Liggett‘s dulcet tones and my… Read more »

Athena Bikes: Build Process Step 2

Dan Bailey is a Minneapolis frame builder whose shop is called Pallas Athena Custom Bicycles and he’s been walking us through the construction of custom a cyclocross frame. Here’s Step 2.


Here’s an exclusive preview of Ryokou, a short film series by Projucer: Shane Perkins takes us behind the scenes of the historic competitive cycling mystique that is the Japanese Keirin in RYOKOU, a web documentary series that will have its… Read more »

Athena Bikes: Build Process Step 1

We see a lot of beautiful bicycles on Cycle EXIF, most of them made by hand by small business owners, entrepreneurs and enthusiasts. All of them, however, have been created by people with an immense passion for their craft and… Read more »