Insight: No Quarter Paint

Back in November 2013 we featured a striking mauve-on-purple track bike that had been restored from a real junker. It was a prime example of the work offered by Leicester’s No Quarter Paint — specialists in custom paint work and… Read more »

Field Cycles: Made of Steel

Without ever meeting the guys from Sheffield’s Field Cycles in person, it’s always been a mystery as to who they really are. The custom, fillet brazed frames have captivated our attention over the last few years with their individual features… Read more »

Favourite Ride: First Lookout

The Cypress, Grouse and Seymour mountains form an integral section of the Vancouver skyline, and is the year-round playground for adventurists of all disciplines. In winter, all three mountains are the destination for all snow sport enthusiasts, while the summer… Read more »

Life, Death and the Art of Cycling

Our friends at Podia take us on a trip through the countryside to give us a deeper insight into the beauty of Polish cycling. If you look closely, you can spot one of the first Festka bikes.

Cicli Corsa: Colle di Tenda

Cicli Corsa and their friends Cani Sciolti Valtellina just put together this astounding video of a ride up — and down — their local mountains, the Ligurian and Maritime Alps. Forget the Giro — for me, this sums up everything… Read more »

Insight: House Velo

Just a little something to brighten your day: House Industries takes us on a short film adventure that explores the inspiration behind their Velo collection.

Insight: Cicli Spirito

The 2014 Sydney Rides Festival is a two week celebration of cycling in the Harbour City, organised by the City Council. Its increasing popularity is a good indicator of how far the city has come in accepting cycling as a… Read more »