Commuter Bicycles

Cinelli Porteur

Many consider Paris to be the most beautiful city in the world. I am one of them. Today, it is a very modern city, cloaked in glorious, age-old buildings and ancient history. During the 1930s, only 80 years ago, the… Read more »

Victoire Cycles x Berluti

The French will always have the last word on couture fashion and style — it’s safe to say they invented it. They are also known for their manufacture and production of luxury goods. So it’s a pleasure to see two… Read more »

Chapman Cycles Mixte

The same day that Sir Bradley Wiggins won the 2014 Amgen Tour of California, this mixte by Brian Chapman won an equally significant event: it took home the award for Best City Bike at the 2014 Le Cirque du Cyclisme.… Read more »

Mark Nobilette Townie

The tradition of American frame builders is long and twisted, like the boughs of an old oak tree. There are many branches, some thicker and more established than others. One of those is Colorado’s Mark Nobilette, who has been brazing… Read more »

Wan Gerin

While searching for information about Doug Fattic, one of America’s most respected teachers of framebuilding, it quickly became obvious how extensive his influence has been. Doug runs his school from his own property in Niles, Michigan, which has been attended… Read more »

Sven Cycles x Paniagua

In his tell-all book ‘The Secret Race’, the story of his tenure with Lance Armstrong and the US Postal team, Tyler Hamilton made reference to the Spanish phrase, Pan-Y-Agua. Inside the peloton, “riding paniagua — or ‘Bread and Water’ —… Read more »


Padua is a city in the north of Italy. Founded in 1183 BC, it claims to be Italy’s oldest city and is the setting for most of the action in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew. It is also home… Read more »