Road Bicycles

Field Cycles Super Record Road

Most Britons with any interest in popular music will recognise the name of Keane, the synthpop group whose albums have topped charts on both sides of the Atlantic and have been voted by Q Magazine readers as among the Best… Read more »

English Cycles Flat Bar Road

2014 was a bumpy ride, and one person who will be looking forward to the start of the new year is Rob English of Eugene’s English Cycles. In July last year, Rob was racing the Tour of Auferheide, a 100… Read more »

Noble Cycles Sugar Candy

It seems Belgium’s custom motorcycle scene is alive and well, with Fred Bertrand’s ‘Krugger’ shop tackling challenges like BMW’s new K1600 and turning it into an art deco-inspired masterpiece. But we rarely hear from Belgian custom bicycle frame builders of… Read more »

Festka USAGI

The custom scene in Eastern Europe is spearheaded by one brand, and that is Festka: the Czech house that is completely unafraid of bucking convention and producing bikes that are very different and as striking as any you’ll find in… Read more »

Mavic 125 Ans x Seven Axiom SL

Well, the countdown is on for your chance to own another in the spectacular collection of handmade bikes that Mavic have produced to celebrate their 125th Anniversary. This time, Massachusetts’ Seven Cycles are offering one of their double butted titanium… Read more »

DirtySixer 36er

Consistently, the average height of NBA players is 6’7″, with individual heights reaching up to 6’10” and beyond. Hasheem Thabeet, currently playing for the Grand Rapids Drive, tops out at 7’3″. It’s silly to expect these guys to simply ride… Read more »

l’Atelier Des Vélos

Just like the flavour of a wine will manifest the character of the land it was produced from, the work of custom frame builders exhibit qualities individual to their countries. US bikes are bold and proud, Aussie builders create honest… Read more »