Road Bicycles

Sven Cycles Classic Single Speed

Dorset’s Darron Coppin of Sven Cycles is somewhat of an anomaly in the custom framebuilding scene. Eschewing the current trend of making steel bikes that compete aesthetically with their modern counterparts, the focus is on classically-styled machines that are somehow… Read more »

Bishop Bikes Di2 Disc Road

The weather’s been pretty cold around Baltimore this week, but that only means Chris Bishop has been holed up in his workshop catching up on frame orders. The finishing and details on his frames are near-peerless, so it’s no surprise… Read more »

Legend HT 9.5

With a name like Legend, your expectations are going to be high. Those expectations are met when you read about Marco Bertoletti, a master framebuilder of Italy whose experience and skill give him every right to name his brand with… Read more »

Ritte Cycles Stainless Snob

Thank god for Los Angeles’ Ritte Cycles. The whole ethos of the Ritte brand is to remind us that riding is fun and to get the most out of it you have to be a wee bit nutty. Their unsanctimonious… Read more »

Kenevans Columbus Max Road

Sydney’s Skunkworks Bikes, specialists in ultra-high-end upgrades and bicycle weight loss, have been churning out a long list of quality builds lately, including the whole fleet of Team Festka Australia‘s bikes. The latest to emerge from the workshop’s secret location… Read more »

Formigli Asiel RF

This is the second Formigli to be featured on Cycle EXIF, the first being a Classic — Columbus-tubed with gold-plated lugs. The Asiel RF, however, is a completely different beast: it’s a completely custom carbon fibre frame. Its namesake is… Read more »

Stone Artist LLC

This is a Giant Propel Advanced. It’s got AeroSystem Shaping Technology and a SpeedControl SL brake system which, according to the Giant website, is the result of countless hours in the wind tunnel. But that’s not what we’re looking at.… Read more »