Road Bicycles

Ritte x Mavic 125 Ans Auction

The cadmium yellow of Mavic is one of the most recognisable brand colours in cycling. The French company was founded in 1889 as a bicycle parts manufacturer and thus celebrates a 125th anniversary this year. There will be gifts galore… Read more »

Mark Nobilette Gold Road

El Dorado is translated from the Spanish as The Golden One and describes the chief of the Muisca native people of Colombia, who was gilded with gold as part of his initiatory rite before flinging himself into a lake. A… Read more »

Hedley’s Lynskey R230

The Lynskey family business has been through some ups and downs, like every family, but the continued existence of their titanium bike business today is proof of their strong unity. More evidence is the near cult-like status a Lynskey frame… Read more »

Festka XCr Modern Batak

Some of the world’s most visually arresting bikes are coming out of one country these days, and it’s not the USA or the UK. Each new release from the Czech house of Festka is more spectacular than the last —… Read more »

Argonaut Cycles and Above Category

There’s a quantum difference between carbon and steel frames, and while you’ll always see more of the latter on Cycle EXIF, it takes a builder like Ben Farver to include the former. Ben’s carbon fibre Argonaut Cycles are completely custom,… Read more »

Donhou Bicycles Fireflies Ride

Back when I was studying graphic design, I told myself I’d never work in advertising. I got a job as a bike courier in Sydney to avoid it but after seven years of riding, destiny pulled me into the ad… Read more »

Kumo Cycles Moustache Ride

During November, thousands of men all around the world stop shaving their upper lip for 30 days as part of the Movember campaign. Millions of dollars are raised for various charities and an incalculable amount of awareness is brought to… Read more »