Road Bicycles

Mark Nobilette Spidey Bike

Hallowe’en is here again, and behind all the costumes and trick or treatin’ is a counter of the yearly cycle completing another revolution. Coincidentally, today’s bike, built by the legendary frame builder, Colorado’s Mark Nobilette, came together in time for… Read more »

Baum Coretto by Above Category

As far as beautiful bicycles go, Baum Cycles are one of Australia’s greatest exports. The quality of workmanship and the spirit that Darren Baum imbues within each custom frame is beginning to garner an international reputation, to the extent that… Read more »

Munin Bikeworks All Seasons

This year, during the 2014 Tour de France, I had the pleasure of visiting Mike Pearson of London’s Munin Bikeworks. Mike is a recent graduate of The Bicycle Academy, England’s centre of learning for aspiring framebuilders. With only a few… Read more »

Formigli Classic

Renzo Formigli is one of the few Italian frame builders who has managed to provide a custom product at the highest level of quality and still utilise the latest materials. Born in 1969, he was apprenticed to Cino Cinelli at… Read more »

Saffron Frameworks Welsh Road

When it comes to bicycle design and fabrication, Matthew Sowter of London’s Saffron Frameworks is definitely a free thinker. He produces some of the most elegant bikes to come out of the United Kingdom, yet he’s also not afraid of… Read more »

Pegoretti Responsorium

When it comes to art, we all see different things. As they say, we may not know it, but we know what we like. A hand-painted frame by Dario Pegoretti is a reflection of the man who has lived a… Read more »

Feather Cycles for Kayti

A big part of the reason Feather Cycles looks so good is due to the work of a photographer named Kayti Peschke. Kayti is Ricky Feather’s better half and is a renowned fashion photographer who has an eye for detail… Read more »