Road Bicycles

Donhou Bicycles Dazzle Road

As part of the UK’s 14-18 NOW programme, the HMS President, permanently moored at the Victoria Embankment, has been repainted with a coat of dazzle camouflage. Dazzle has enjoyed renewed popularity over the last few years; it’s a poignant reminder… Read more »

Stelbel Pista Inseguimento

One Italian marque that has arisen like a phoenix from the ashes is Stelio Belletti’s Stelbel. Founded in 1973, it has been resurrected with a new line of frames inspired by Stelio’s original innovation. Here’s one he prepared earlier, the… Read more »

Norwid Vättern

You can be forgiven for not having heard of a German frame builder by the name of Rudolf Pallesen. There’s not a lot of information on him online, at least in English. His workshop is called Norwid, from Nordwind —… Read more »

Speedvagen Urban Racer

The city is the petri dish that has given rise to so many aspects of our culture, inasmuch as the outdoor environment is its antithesis. Sacha White’s Speedvagen project has enabled us to explore the great outdoors on his road… Read more »

DeSalvo Custom Cycles Ti Grinder

Wikipedia tells us that the Ashland campus of the United Bicycle Institute houses the city’s second-largest solar electric generation facility which provides 60% of the school’s needs. It also informs us that David Bohm of Bohemian Bicycles is an alumni.… Read more »

Argonaut Cycles Black Road

In many ways, we’re still learning about the possibilities carbon fibre offers the cycling world. Kestrel astounded us in 1987 with its 4000 model road bike — the first to be made completely from the material — and today Ben… Read more »

Victoire Cycles Golden Bellevue

The Vergers Massif is an ancient section of rock that pokes out of the southeastern corner of France. By ‘poke’ we mean its highest point is the 7,680 ft Grand Veymont. It is an incredibly spectacular mountain range and the… Read more »