Road Bicycles

Wheeldan Basilisk

More and more cyclists and bike manufacturers are beginning to adopt belt drive technology. With good reason: a belt-powered drive train does not require grease, are more durable and last longer than chains, are lighter and deliver a smooth and… Read more »

Jonathan’s Primate Frames Road

For Aussie fans of the custom bicycle, the name of Tarn Mott and Primate Frames is synonymous with big, burly and innovative frames. Tarn is a big guy himself, ably suited to bending steel with his bare hands, and his… Read more »

Cannondale 3.0 Series Track

After nearly twenty-two years since it was released, Cannondale‘s 3.0 Series Track bike is still one of the most popular models from its entire catalog. Perhaps its because the uncluttered lines of the track frame is the best to admire… Read more »

St Joris Cycles Evil Plan

The legend of St George and the Dragon, while adopted by the Christian tradition, is actually Eastern in origin, brought back by the Crusaders. He is the Patron Saint of England, but he is called St Joris in Dutch and… Read more »

Rossin Pursuit

Rossin is 40 years old this year, a milestone in an era when many of its contemporaries have been swallowed up by market forces. The logo consists of a capital R inside a pentagon, representing the five founding fathers. Rossin… Read more »

Jim Bundy #racklyf

The 2014 Sydney Classic Bicycle Show was held in March which, including the customary sticky heat that accompanies that date, seems like a lifetime ago, especially now, in August, when Sydney is in the middle of a month-long thunderstorm. One… Read more »

Olympia Carlo Borghi

Olympia, while one of the less famous Italian marques, has just as an interesting history as Bianchi or Colnago. Indeed, it’s the oldest family-owned Italian brand and is the oldest Italian bicycle brand, after Bianchi. To its credit, it still… Read more »