Road Bicycles

WIND Fast Commuter

How many of you even knew that MTB beach racing was actually a ‘thing’? Along the European coastline, apparently, it’s quite a big thing, with pro teams and relatively substantial prize money. Bart Veuger is a Dutch beach racer, as… Read more »

Speedvagen Gradient 1×11

After a whirlwind Fit Tour Down Under, Sacha White and The Vanilla Workshop team have headed back to Portland, leaving a trail of customers that were perfectly sized up for a new Speedvagen. Sacha also brought a couple of completed… Read more »

Legor Cicli Chico e Chica

The story behind the latest bike, or bikes — as it will be revealed — to leave the workshop of Italy’s Legor Cicli reads like a cinematic love story. Maybe La Doce Vita, with a little bit of Ladri di… Read more »

Colnagold Master

In the middle of the chaos of Eurobike a weekend or two ago in Berlin, a white wall towered above the crowds. On it, a selection of models from Colnago’s range was displayed, floating like carbon fibre clouds across a… Read more »

BOO Bicycles RS-R

Prestige Cycles, the best bike shop in Brighton and Hove, now stock BOO Bicycles — makers of some of the world’s finest bamboo bikes. Although they share the floor of Prestige with the likes of Baum, Mosaic, Yeti, Cannondale and… Read more »

Mécacyle Vitus

As well being a fabulous 90s indie pop group from London, Saint-Étienne is a French city in the Massif Central. It was the capital of their bicycle industry, being the location of Mavic, Motobécane and Vitus. Another brand, Mécacyle, was… Read more »

Stelbel SB/03

‘Italians did it better’ is a hashtag often claimed by Cicli Corsa on their social media feeds, and when it comes to exquisite engineering of cycling components, it’s often true. The Stelbel SB/03, dripping with parts from PMP Bike and… Read more »