Road Bicycles

Stelbel Dynamic Inseguimento

The Italian Stelbel brand was founded in 1973 and named from a portmanteau combining the first and surname of Stelio Belletti. Stelio was a true man of steel; raised in a family of engineers and metalworkers. He worked on everything… Read more »

Team Festka Australia

In what is both a smart and exciting move for Festka, the #MADE4CHAMPS program was launched on January 26th 2015. The Czech Republic’s subversive custom frame building house is offering race teams a full equipment program, inspired by the supply… Read more »

Saffron’s Stainless Road for Campbell

England’s new school of custom frame builders are but freshers to a hallowed institution, but their antecedents can rest assured: the craft and skill is in safe hands. Matthew Sowter of Saffron Frameworks proves this, frame by frame, especially by… Read more »

Masi Special Pista Oro

The latest frame to carry Faliero Masi’s legendary name and coat of arms looks as though it’s targeted directly at the MASH crowd rather than devoted Italophiles. And so it should. Both brand assets are owned by Haro Bikes, and… Read more »

Nua Bikes SC-01

One of the most likeable innovations to cross over to the world of the bicycle from that of the motorcycle has to be the belt drive. It all looks good on paper: cleaner and quieter than a chain, longer lasting… Read more »

Sven Cycles Super Light

13.9lb, or 6.3kg, isn’t a bad old weight for a steel road bike now, is it? With his latest build, Weymouth’s Darron Coppin has silenced the naysayers who claim steel is generally a heavier frame material than aluminium or carbon… Read more »

Zanconato Road32

Steel, aluminium or carbon? What’s your favourite material for a frame? These days, a custom frame in any is very accessible — you needn’t feel like you have to resort to a mass produced frame by choosing the latter two.… Read more »