Road Bicycles

Kenevans Columbus Max Road

Sydney’s Skunkworks Bikes, specialists in ultra-high-end upgrades and bicycle weight loss, have been churning out a long list of quality builds lately, including the whole fleet of Team Festka Australia‘s bikes. The latest to emerge from the workshop’s secret location… Read more »

Formigli Asiel RF

This is the second Formigli to be featured on Cycle EXIF, the first being a Classic — Columbus-tubed with gold-plated lugs. The Asiel RF, however, is a completely different beast: it’s a completely custom carbon fibre frame. Its namesake is… Read more »

Stone Artist LLC

This is a Giant Propel Advanced. It’s got AeroSystem Shaping Technology and a SpeedControl SL brake system which, according to the Giant website, is the result of countless hours in the wind tunnel. But that’s not what we’re looking at.… Read more »

Rozzo for Mark Levinson

There’s been a groundswell of custom builders emanating from Central Europe and, in particular, the Czech Republic. It’s spearheaded, of course, by Festka, but Rozzo is another. One of their latest builds is a silent, belt-driven commuter for the father… Read more »

Field Cycles Classic

Yorkshire is the largest county in the United Kingdom, of a sufficient scale to warrant it being divided into three ‘Ridings’ — a division of land traditionally designated by the distance that one could cover on horseback in a certain… Read more »

Lyrebird Cycles ‘The Tonewood Project’

From Cycle EXIF’s technical correspondent, Richard Gearing. In his spare time, Mark Kelly creates bicycle frames under the guise of Lyrebird Cycles. He refers to these frames as ‘The Tonewood Project’ — so named because of the Australian hardwoods used… Read more »

Paconi Sparkle Road

There were some amazing bikes in Adelaide in January for the 2015 Tour Down Under. I’m not talking about the carbon fibre squads of team bikes — you could’ve seen those in any mainstream publication or local bike shop. While… Read more »