Road Bicycles

Soulcraft Royale

Anyone who has even picked up a copy of Matthew B. Crawford’s tome, Shop Class as Soulcraft, can’t deny the attraction of the lessons taught by working with tools and their quest for perfection. Sean Walling has lived a life… Read more »

Colnago Super Piu

Classic Colnago frames are highly sought after for their vivaciuos paint schemes, and they look just as fast in a single colour. The Master Piu, a European-only model, sometimes appeared in rainbow transparente paint, but this Super Piu successor looks… Read more »

Rusby Cycles 953 Road

Holdsworth, the esteemed British bicycle manufacturer — founded in 1933, has just relaunched their catalogue of Reynolds-tubed frames. Comparing them with today’s road weapon, also built from Reynolds tubes and brazed together by London’s Jake Rusby, reveals just how much… Read more »

Ferriveloci modello B

Mountain bikers may disagree, but Italy is the spiritual home of cycling: the land of Masi, Colnago, Bianchi, Coppi, Pegoretti, the Giro d’Italia and the Madonna del Ghisallo. The culture is not an obsolete church, there are new frame builders… Read more »

Kumo Cycles All-Roader

Keith Marshall of Kumo Cycles has, for the last couple of weeks, been cruising around his spiritual homeland of Japan. Kumo means ‘cloud’ in Japanese — the flowing quality of water and critical aspects of air are qualities that are… Read more »

Calfee Manta

Why, after touting the comfortable qualities of his beautiful bamboo bikes, Craig Calfee decided to go and create a high calibre soft tail road bike, is hard to fathom. Probably because he can’t leave well enough alone. But there it… Read more »

Rogers Bespoke Road

During the 2014 Tour Down Under, I had the pleasure of meeting local Adelaide frame builder James Alderson at Treadly Bike Shop and photograph the matte black track frame he had built. He mentioned a few of the projects he… Read more »