Road Bicycles

“I Feel The Need” Gravity Bike

Gravity bikes are somewhat of an enigma. No gears, not even a drivetrain to speak of. They’re usually cobbled together by enthusiasts at varying levels of professionalism. At one end of the spectrum you have those built by Gonz Lab… Read more »

VPACE T1ST Gravel-Master

VPACE is a German brand whose portfolio is caught in a wonderful place between straight-up, purpose-built examples of Teutonic engineering, and completely free-styled creativity. Their T1ST frame set forms the basis of both.

Klein Quantum Race

Tonight, I attended the 40th anniversary celebrations of Clarence Street Cyclery. While my earliest memories of the shop — one of Sydney’s oldest — was when I was working as a bike messenger and being asked to leave because it… Read more »

Craddock Cycles R1.7

There’s not too many carbon fibre bikes on Cycle EXIF — or maybe that be rephrased. There’s not enough carbon fibre bikes on Cycle EXIF. Richard Craddock, of the UK’s Craddock Cycles, is changing our perception of carbon frames, offering… Read more »

Festka Asphalt LT

It wasn’t all that long ago that local cycling clubs were highly populated and were integral cogs in the community machinery. Of course, for every ten smaller clubs that have disappeared to the sands of time there is one larger… Read more »

August Wheelworks Adventure Road

Wheel building is often referred to as a ‘dark art’, although everyone who has built a pair themselves will tell you otherwise. It is a measurable and exacting work of engineering, although there’s something quietly zen about a master wheel… Read more »


It’s no wonder that there’s more Speedvagen bikes appearing on Aussie roads and cyclocross circuits. Americans have known about their high level of quality for years, and it’s beginning to make a big impression on the Australian market too. This… Read more »