Single Speed Bicycles

Pereira Cycles Eric’s 29er

Every frame Tony Pereira builds is a statement in style and form. There’s never a thing out of place, never a need to add any fancy embellishments. He’s happy to let the pure rideability of his bikes do the talking.… Read more »

Skull Bike Club Softride

Mark Skulls, a patch wearing member of the Skull Bike Club, is a London-based artist and designer who has owned an eclectic collection of rides over the years. This is his latest creation, as wild, dark and hard as his… Read more »

Fast Boy Assless Bike

The last time I saw this bike, it had a rattle can black spray job. Thankfully, the Fast Boy Cycle’s Assless Bike is back. After a sustained hiatus, it’s got a fresh white powder coat with a positive red cross.… Read more »

Bertelli Domenica

My first bike was equipped with a coaster brake, and I’ve never forgotten the sensation of locking it up and getting sideways around the gravel paths in our local park. It’s always been a query of mine as to why… Read more »

Fast Boy Dingle Speed

If I could place an order for any hand built bike in the world it would be for a Fast Boy. Ezra is one of my all time heroes. He has one of the most beautiful outlooks on life, which… Read more »

Kish Fabrication

While I was reading up on the 2010 Single Speed World Championships (how do I take a week off work to get to Rotorua, how do I come up with the necessary money for flights and beer etc.), I came… Read more »

Fyxomatosis Colnago

There are those who object to the removal of gears a bicycle came with in order to create a single speed or a fixed gear, but there are also those who know how to do it right. Andy White is… Read more »