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Levis Commuter Bike Shop

I’ve always admired the lines of the Levis Commuter line. They’re celebrating their Fall 2013 Collection by bringing the Commuter Bike Shop to a town near you, a mobile LBS staffed by expert mechanics, ready to give your ride a… Read more »

Urban Cycling Hall of Fame

While cruising around Sydney’s CBD at lunchtime today, I found myself moaning moaning about how dull, cold and monotone the city can be, especially in winter. Suddenly, between the black-suited pedestrians and streams of traffic, a blur of color caught… Read more »

Tokyo Fixed

Today is a special day for Cycle EXIF: I’m proud to welcome Tokyo Fixed as our new site sponsor. Their support will keep the fires beneath our servers stoked and our musettes filled.

The Little Mule Co.

Cycle EXIF has a new supporter on board, The Little Mule Co. Located in Melbourne, Australia, The Little Mule is a builder of bespoke single speed and fixed gear bicycles. Their proprietary frame is the 700c Little Mule, a well-heeled… Read more »

Cycle EXIF Bicycle Calendar 2011

The Cycle EXIF Bicycle Calendar 2011 is now live and available for purchase. It features 13 of our most beautiful and popular bicycles from 2010. We’ve included January 2012, so you can plan ahead over your New Year. You probably… Read more »