Touring Bicycles

A Pair of Royal H Cycles

Surely one of the true tests of a marriage would be a tour on a tandem. Each partner would discover, if they hadn’t already, the very best and worst of each other, how reliant on each other they are and… Read more »

Winter Bicycles Discoteca

The Lee Valley VeloPark was the venue for the London Olympic track events in 2012. In April, it will play host to a somewhat more boutique bicycle event: Bespoked, the UK Handmade Bicycle Show. Eric Estlund will travel all the… Read more »

Bishop Bikes 650B Rando

The construction of a randonneur bicycle requires far more design and fabrication than, say, a track bike, due to the extra functionality required by a cycle tour. Add-ons like integrated lighting, pannier racks or decaleurs and extra water bottle bosses… Read more »

Kumo Cycles 650b Travel Bike

Right now, the South Australian capital of Adelaide is broiling with excitement as thousands of cycling fans converge upon it for the 2014 Santos Tour Down Under. This will be the biggest TDU yet and continues to attract a huge… Read more »

Vogel Randonneur

Before he started creating svelte custom bike frames, Ulrich Vogel worked as an architect. The two fields cannot be more distantly related, yet Ulrich manages to reconcile his experience by producing bikes that, like a thoughtfully designed space, integrate with… Read more »


Down Under, inviting a few mates around for a few beers and a barbie is social event that can take place on any day of the year. On the other side of the world, in Belgium, a bike has been… Read more »

Firefly Bicycles Tourer

Boston’s art scene has been a considerable influence upon the Firefly Bicycles crew. They made a special point of adjoining an art gallery space to their workshop and both have surgically clean walls — the gallery to view works of… Read more »