Touring Bicycles


Down Under, inviting a few mates around for a few beers and a barbie is social event that can take place on any day of the year. On the other side of the world, in Belgium, a bike has been… Read more »

Firefly Bicycles Tourer

Boston’s art scene has been a considerable influence upon the Firefly Bicycles crew. They made a special point of adjoining an art gallery space to their workshop and both have surgically clean walls — the gallery to view works of… Read more »

Horse Cycles Tourer

Nate Mumford is a photographer based in New York, which is also home to Thomas Callahan and the Horse Cycles stable. Nate recently took some shots of a visit to Thomas’ shop which were animated into a GIF, giving a… Read more »

Winter Bicycles PEI Tourer

Canada has a vast tradition of outdoor sports and activities, especially mountain biking, producing legendary names such as Rocky Mountain, Norco and Brodie Bikes. Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province and Eric Estlund of Oregon’s Winter Bicycles has paid… Read more »

Royal H Cycles Tourer

The family tree of New England bicycle manufacturing is a twisted and winding plant, and each branch is a story in itself. Bryan Hollingsworth is a significant bough of that tree, working at Massachusetts’ Seven Cycles in their carbon fiber… Read more »

Kumo Cycles Randonneur

Recently, the Australian state capital of Brisbane played host to a bicycle gymkhana of sorts, called Pushies Galore. It was a celebration of Queensland’s cycling passion, but attracted fans from all over. Keith Marshall of Kumo Cycles resides in Canberra… Read more »

Kurtz Randonneur

2013 brought us the hundredth edition of the Tour de France, but it will also bring the sixth London-Edinburgh-London randonnée, which has been held every four years since 1989. It’s a scenic and self-sufficient brevet that carouses north, up the… Read more »