The Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge

Argonaut Cycles, Mosiac Bespoke Bicycles and Breadwinner Cycles are proud to announce The 2015 Rouge Roubaix Builder Challenge. Each builder will bring a team of 4 to race in this years Rouge Roubaix. One slot on each Builder Team is… Read more »

Horse Cycles 29er XXIX

While the temperatures are dropping in the northern hemisphere, things have been hotting up around the Horse Brand Co campfire. The latest product to hit the shop is the 2014 29er MTB frame — handmade, just like all of the… Read more »

Black Market Bikes Roam

Cycling is often called a Beautiful Sport, mainly because of the heroic feats of the champion riders. But there are some real heroes who operate behind the scenes, like those who dedicate 110% of their energies and finances to establishing… Read more »

Ben’s Field Cycles Commuter

The 101st Tour de France rolls towards its regular rendezvous with the Champs-Élysées tomorrow, which feels like a very short three weeks since I was cheering the sprinters along the Harrogate high street. Yorkshire was a colourful county that weekend… Read more »

Kumo Signature Finish All-Roader

Kumo Cycles’s Keith Marshall will be significant presence at this weekend’s Pushies Galore show in Brisbane. He recently instigated a ‘Signature Finish’ line, which allows him a carte blanche when it comes to frame design and fabrication. This all-roader is… Read more »

Clamont Professional

The Right Honourable Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore, has overcome near-insurmountable odds to transform the Harbour City into a relatively bike-friendly city, ignoramus talkback radio disc jockeys and tabloid newspaper editors notwithstanding. Established in 1975, Clarence Street Cyclery, a… Read more »