Chapelli NuVinci

Chapelli NuVinci

If you’ve never heard of the NuVinci® hub, get used to the name — it’s the biggest innovation that has happened to gears since Tullio Campagnolo patented his Gran Sport derailleur. The hub incorporates a continuously variable planetary (CVP) transmission, which basically means that ‘changing’ gears is more like turning the volume knob on a radio. Chapelli Cycles have built up a handmade lugged CrMo frame around it, which has deservedly won an Australian International Design Award.

The NuVinci® hub allows a seamless transition between speeds — no clunking gears or cadence interruptions. Developed by Fallbrook Technologies Inc., it’s the first time the hub has been used on a bike in Australia. The judges at the Australian International Design Awards loved the ride quality and granted Chapelli Cycles a winning ribbon in the Sport & Leisure category. However, I’ll wager the clincher was the integrated LED lighting located in the handlebars.

The Chappelli NuVinci® is now available for purchase through the website.

Chapelli NuVinci
Chapelli NuVinci
Chapelli NuVinci
Chapelli NuVinci

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  • Mac

    Interesting transmission, keen to know what cyclists make of it rather than judges in a design competition (although I’m willing to wager that some of them cycle too!). Rest of the bike is pretty ordinary though

    • Turgut Cirpanli

      I know that NuVinci weighs 2.5 kg, and that’s too much for me.

    • tom

      I’ve tested quite a few of them. While the shifting action is very nice, inefficiencies in the hub design mean they aren’t great for climbing or any kind of real performance efforts.

  • alex

    Anybody know the price of this hub?