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Chesini X-Uno

Chesini X Uno

Gelmino Chesini himself would be impressed by Tony Hooper’s restoration of a 1987 X-Uno frame: no financial expense has been spared. Nor has any time been spared, trawling eBay and other sources for rare, NOS components. The result is nothing short of spectacular.

New Zealand rider and collector, Tony Hooper, set himself the challenge of a complete, period-correct restoration and build of a Chesini X-Uno frame. It was found in a sound but cosmetically poor condition, so Wellington painter Ross Bee was assigned the task of applying the new coat. The Chesini is kitted out with a complete Campagnolo C-Record gruppo, including pantographed Syncro shifters and Delta calipers with covers painted to match the frame. 3ttt handlebars and a pantographed stem complete the cockpit. Tony’s dad created a brand new pair of Columbus forks, topped with a Cinelli internal fork crown, another eBay purchase.

I’ve admired Tony’s Chesini on his flickr stream for quite some time, but when I saw the bike ‘on location’, pointing down a Kiwi country lane, I had to see more. Turns out Craig Madsen, one of New Zealand’s foremost cycling specific photographers, shot the X-Uno for New Zealand Road Cyclist magazine – suitably, and finally, capturing Tony’s pride and joy in the light it deserves.

Chesini X Uno
Chesini X Uno
Chesini X Uno
Chesini X Uno
Chesini X Uno

  • David

    thats beautiful…

  • Sean Horita

    Amazing to think that in 1987 this was peak technology, the front runner in the arms race. Now its just beautiful and romantic, but riders back then probably looked at it like we’d now look at Thor’s S5 or Cadel’s BMC Impec. Or maybe they didn’t.

  • zoltanov

    sweeeet jesus that’s a beautiful bike!

  • Spiny Norman

    @Sean, what amazes me is how little has changed. The only operationally significant differences from more modern bikes are the more extensive use of epoxy resins, the movement of shifters to the handlebar, and the return to what amounts to a centerpull (2-pivot) brake. Rider+bike mass has decreased by only 2-3% and aerodynamic coefficient of rider+bike has decreased by a similar amount — depending mainly on the wheels used. By far the biggest differences are the more pervasive use of deep-section rims and improved clincher tires. 

  • Osvaldo

    Our compliments to Tony Hooper’s restoration. 
    CHESINI staff.