Christo’s Fast Boy

Christo's Fast Boy
Ezra Caldwell of Fast Boy Cycles is one of my all-time favorite frame builders and assemblers. He has been on a personal journey that I won’t elaborate on here, you can read all about it on his website. He is a true artist of life, a master of flame and steel, and his bikes are some of the most stylish rides around. This is one of his latest creations, for a very lucky guy called Christopher. It’s a fixed gear, with hell-yeah tight track geometry. But with custom forks that are drilled to accept a front brake, it’s the epitome of understated New York safety and style. Emergency stopping facilities are provided via one polished Paul Components E-Lever hooked up to a Camapagnolo caliper. The Italian caliper and seat post is the top end of a Strada drive train, pista cranks and chain ring. There’s something about antique white paint, a brown Brooks Swift with matching bar tape that, to me, is the height of stylish subtlety—like a white-washed attic room furnished only by an antique leather Chesterfield. Mavic loops, Schwalbe rubber and Crank Bros eggbeaters round out this impeccable ensemble. This bike is something that, treated with respect, can be handed on to the next generation, like a handmade watch.

Christo's Fast Boy
Christo's Fast Boy
Christo's Fast Boy
Christo's Fast Boy

  • Curtbutnotshort

    I am so enjoying this site; I never was that much interested in motorbikes. It will take a little getting used to all this coloured componetry but I am really looking forward to taking a cyclocross out to Riverhead. Nice work.

  • paulo

    Gorgeous, the proportions are just amazing.

  • francesco

    what do you wear on a bike like this…..

  • Clothes.

  • Misc.

    It’d be nice if you guys added a component spec box for some (or all) of these bikes. Seat Post, Saddle, Crank, Handlebars, Brakes, etc…

  • Jonathan Key

    It was craft like this that kept me on a bike, after many of my friends ‘graduated’ away to using buses or cadging lifts in parent’s cars to get around. White and leather: always smart