Cinelli Laser TT

Cinelli Laser TT

Hopefully by now you’ll have encountered Cinelli’s book, The Art and Design of the Bicycle, a concise history of the colorful and innovative Italian marque. You should definitely recognize the bike on the cover, rolling on two disc wheels painted by Keith Haring: a Cinelli Laser TT, one of the most iconic bicycles of the 20th Century. Here’s an exceptional example, as original as you can get.

The Laser came in a variety of configurations and was recently re-interpretated in carbon by the original designers: Pesenti, Colombo and Erzegovesi. Michael Furman, a seriously accomplished automotive photographer from Philadelphia, bought this one from Cinelli’s booth at the NY Bike Show in the early 80s. He was told it was a back-up bike for the obscure hour record setter, Ole Ritter.

Michael’s Laser is somewhat of an enigma. It features curved seat and top tubes and the rare fin under the bottom bracket. The handlebars and saddle are upholstered in buffalo hide by Cinelli, with their proprietary clip-in pedals. Maybe Cinelli aficionados would like to comment on the bike’s history; apparently Antonio Colombo is even interested on learning more about it.

If you love fine four-wheeled photography as well as two-wheeled, do yourself a favor and head to Michael’s websites: Coachbuilt Press and Michale Furman Photography.

Cinelli Laser TT
Cinelli Laser TT
Cinelli Laser TT
Cinelli Laser TT
Cinelli Laser TT
Cinelli Laser TT

  • It looks like an ergonomic nightmare and a chiropractor session waiting to happen. I’d rather ride a prone bike than have to double-over to improve aerodynamic efficiency.

    • Bikealot

      Its a time trial bike.

      For the hour record..

      Just one hour.

      They didn’t care that it wasn’t ergonomic. No need to be critical, just appreciate the beauty and the functionality of this bike.

    • area man

      your a funny guy. you strike me as a recumbent rider. i thought you were told not to write anything here until you wised up.

    • MF_A2

      If you don’t like Cinelli Lasers, you don’t like anything.

      Thanks for posting this great piece of cycling history.

  • Holy cow that is gorgeous….and made of steel. The fabrication time for that to look like it was carbon must have been insane!

  • riding this bike with that handlebar wouldn’t be much different than riding any ordinary track bike, in the drops.
    gorgeous finned bottom bracket, nonetheless.

    • il Pirata

      No, riding in the drops creates tremendous pain as you hold your upper body weight.
      Ritte was trying to get his Hour record back from Merckx.
      Bars like this allow you to rest your forearms and wrists on the bars = less strain and fatigue

  • Pipco82

    Here the same Laser model used by Hans Henrik Oersted during 1984 world championship

  • Pipco82

    Here the first Laser Track model (read the new cinelli book for more information about this frame): one of the only 4 frames made for the italian national team in 1983 who was bronze in the Juniores World Championship in New Zealand