Classified Moto x P.K. Ripper

Classified Moto x P.K. Ripper

The legends of Scott Breithaupt, Perry Kramer and SE Bikes are intrinsically woven into the annals of BMX history. While Scott has been declared the ‘Undisputed Founding Father of BMX‘, Perry lends his name to one of the most popular BMX models that’s still being produced: the P.K. Ripper.

The P.K. Ripper was one of the first frames to utilize 6061 T-6 alloy as an alternative to Cromoly and 1010 Steel. It proved to be immensely popular, even today the frame inspires both quiet awe and passionate enthusiasm from BMXers worldwide. John Ryland of Classified Moto, a custom motorcycle crew based in Richmond VA, was one such fan. Having lusted after a P.K. Ripper as a youngster, John was inspired to recreate both a Ripper and a Yamaha XS650 in the same vein — including black mags to reflect the retrofitted Skyway Tuff II wheels, BMX pedal kick starter, matching graphics and respraying both frames with the iconic shade of powder blue. Todd Lyons and SE Bikes contributed a mass of historical reference, so you can be assured it’s an authentic collaboration.

The P.K. Ripper and Yamaha XS650 sure make a spectacular pair. The project coincided to enable both bikes to be featured simultaneously on Cycle EXIF and Bike EXIF. To fully appreciate the extent of the concept, head to Bike EXIF for more of Adam Ewing’s photography of the XS650.

Classified Moto x P.K. Ripper
Classified Moto x P.K. Ripper
Classified Moto x P.K. Ripper
Classified Moto x P.K. Ripper
Classified Moto x P.K. Ripper
Classified Moto x P.K. Ripper

Special thanks to John Ryland at Classified Moto. Stay in touch by following them on Facebook and Twitter. Special thanks to Adam Ewing for the fine photography.

  • Thomas

    I always loved the P.K. Ripper. The first one I saw 30 years ago was in light blue, too.
    This thing is so lovely that it deserves something better than a Tektro brake

  • Excellent photography and a quality bike.

  • Gkozak

    Are those Teny rims? I have one on my daily ride, they are so heavy but on a college campus the bike just rolls forever. Plus, the neon green stands out from everything else haha

  • Dropoutsbmx

    Sorry but thats just a bog standard fuji made crapola 

  • I had the 24″ SE Floval Flyer in 1982 for the spring and summer and raced it. I sold it at the end of august before I left to college at Syracuse.  I didnt even take any photos of me on the bike, it was a brief romance. I still have dreams of that bike.

  • Carson

    Both those bikes are dope!

  • awesome bike!

  • Carlitosolito

    I have 24 SE floral flyer … Love my bike people offers me lot money but not for sell …

  • Crazypandakills

    It’s not a real SE.
    The co. was sold years ago.
    Made in China crap.