Colnago Superissimo

Fyxomatosis Colnago Superissimo
Melbourne is Australia’s most creatively prolific city. I guess the inclement weather has a lot to contribute to that fact, everyone has to do something to keep their mind off the cold. But don’t take it from me, I’m a Sydney-sider, and Melbourne / Sydney rivalry is long and enduring! Melbourne is also Australia’s most bicycle friendly city (although the locals would be inclined to disagree). Like New York it’s predominantly flat, there are extensive bike lanes throughout the city, and some excellent single trail within a half-hour ride of the CBD. Needless to say, it’s also home to some very passionate cyclists, mechanics and builders. One of them is Andy White, editor of the most excellent blog, Fyxomatosis.

This Colnago Superissimo was his personal ride from 2006 and, in his own words, “this Colnago was the first project I went all out on. NOS frame, NOS cranks, just abot NOS everything, and Dan Hale at Shifterbikes built her. It was the wrong size, and weighed a ton, but I was still learning ‘the hard way’ about bike fit, handling characteristics and differences in frame material. Guys would chat to me MID RACE about why I was riding such an older clunker, where I got it and if it was any good. They were dazzled by the steel headset, polished stem and neon fade. I never placed lower than 3rd in the races I rode her. Maybe everyone was blinded by her pink bits. Then I broke my neck and that slowed me down a little.

It was a little sloppy in terms of the component eras. Campagnolo Super Record headset, C Record Shamal wheel set, mid 90’s 9 speed Record shifters and cranks, Corsa Chorus pillar, and rare monoplanar brakes. Lighter than Croce D’Aune Delta’s, more effective and arguably more stylish. I searched long and hard, and paid a fortune for the NOS Rolls fluoro saddle, but when I opened the box and the leather smell wafted up what I paid was instantly forgotten. It was sold reluctantly and bizarrely became—a fixed wheel with Shimano running gear.’

As an infamous Australian once said, “Such is life”.

Andy could write a list as long as his arm of the bikes he’s owned or built since the Colnago, he’s Australia’s premium purveyor of classic frames and parts. He collaborates with Dan Hale of Shifterbikes, a champion mountain biker, and one of Australia’s best mechanics. Together they can build your dream bike—bespoke builds with either period or modern groupsets. Check out Andy’s site Fyxomatosis for their previous builds, the latest frames available, and the gallery of his impeccable photography.

Fyxomatosis Colnago Superissimo
Fyxomatosis Colnago Superissimo
Fyxomatosis Colnago Superissimo

  • Those wheels are clashing badly with the rest of the bike. I really don’t think deep dish rims suit a bike like this.

    • May be your right Andrew. Hope they could find a solution to this. I really like the bike specially the Colnago Frames

    • Will

      Though it’s all subjective, I disagree. I’m very biased though, I think Shamals look good on just about anything. I think they go well with the chrome fork and the goofy pink decals never looked so at home!