Colnago Tecnos

Colnago Tecnos

The Tour de France is a tradition that extends back 99 years, so it’s interesting to note how the bikes have evolved. The Colnago Tecnos frame was a significant development in frame technology, designed specifically for riders under 160lbs. A Tecnos is a rare and collectable bird for ‘Nago enthusiasts and Thomas James Luby managed to bag himself a fine specimen.

Thomas has spent the last five months procuring a full suite of NOS components to assemble his Tecnos, developing, in the process, a deep appreciation for Campagnolo’s C-Record gruppo and their compatibility for correct Syncro II operation. Naturally, tricolore Cinelli cork bar tape was chosen to accentuate the build. See more of the assembly process on Thomas’ flickr page.

Colnago Tecnos
Colnago Tecnos
Colnago Tecnos
Colnago Tecnos

  • too many colors! looks like a clown.

    • I would say this is tame by Colnago standards.

  • dangerjonny

    Although it looks clown bike, it is definaltey in keeing with the aethetic of the day. It was definately ifrom the era where they didn’t understand that less is more in most cases!

    • I hear ya, I hear ya…but bluey-purple will never, and never has, gone with red/white/green.

    • Toff

      The frame is from 1995/96. The pedals are from 1986. The groupset is from 1991. Delta brakes were out of production by 3 years when this frame was built. So the build is in keeping with the aesthetic of a timeframe spanning at least a decade, not a “day”. Still, the frame and all its components were the best of the best for their respective times, even if they don’t really belong together.

  • Dave P

    i think its beautiful.

  • what is “Syncro II Operation” .?.
    & why did those brakes dissapear.?. not good enough.?.

    • & ok , bar tape might be a bit too much given the already vivid frame coloring , but , hey ! , it ‘s better then today’s all-blackness-/-all-whiteness boring “prestige” dullness…