Competition: Knog Blinder

Knog Blinder

Knog products have always held me in good stead. Their ergonomic, functional design and robust construction seem to complement whatever bike I’m on, rather than detract from it, regardless of whether it’s classic or modern. Their range of USB-rechargeable Blinder Lights are the latest addition to a long tradition of funky luminescence and I’m proud to team up with Knog to offer a Japanese Special Edition Blinder 1 to Cycle EXIF readers.

The Blinder 1 is a waterproof 20 lumen light housed in a silicon body. However, only 500 of these Japanese Special Editions were made. To win one of them, all you have to do is tell me, in 25 words or less, what you like about riding at night. The most creative answer wins! Leave your entry in the comments below. Winners will be announced on Friday and in the meantime, check out the rest of the Knog range on their website and Like their Facebook page.

PS: Thank you to everyone for taking the time to enter the Cycle EXIF Knog Blinder 1 Competition. Christoph composed an elegant haiku-esque entry that was deemed the winner. Here it is:

“The darkness is falling fast
In the dark, we may not be
Where is the summer gone
With all the light that we love
A light promises us life
in the darkness”

Knog Blinder

  • Tomayer0

    Riding at night makes fast feel faster and slow feel faster!

  • Chacko

    the rushed are creeping
    the cars are sleeping

    the loud are silent
    the raged, unviolent

    the sunlight is done
    and darkness has come

  • Bobby Cars

    There are very few ‘amateur’ cyclists out at night, leaving the roads free for us night-owls to howl!

  • Roger Dudek

    I ride at night to see better; by feel, everything adopting a new texture. The
    road’s harder, air’s softer, and the bike just drifts away.

  • Kyle Smith

    night invites with a brisk chill, streetlights a warm glow, the way daytime felt as a child is how night feels as a 20 something.

  • matt mccluskey

    Darkness seems quieter, yet sounds seem crisper. Less distraction, yet, more focus on the ride.

  • riding at night gets me home after the bars close

  • Pedalare sotto le stelle è un’ottima buonanotte

  • The stillness of the night makes it so you can almost hear the puddles of light under streetlights as you pass through them.

  • Retro Rider

    Once upon a time, under stars, I dodged coconuts,

    Now, under the same stars, it’s deer

    The marvel of hazards through the beauty of night

  • Michael Guthrie

    I love riding along the street lit by sodium lights. As you pass directly under one your shadow is thrown into sharp contrast and Shoots Out ahead of you as you move forward, dimming as you approach the next one – this time across the street: Whoosh – your shadow now comes Whipping Around from the side. Fades. The next overhead light drowns it out as the next shadow gets ready to leap out from underneath again. Repeat for miles.

  • I love singing under the moonlight

  • Hedley

    Because I can see how well my lights work

  • T_florence


  • Tarzan Liverpunch

    Its easy to stop and piss out the tecate tall can I have been riding with without having to worry about people seeing my peen


    RIding at night, nobody around, hands off the bars out wide flying like Leo on the titanic.

  • Jem

    At night you are out there with your mind and your bike, they become one! You lose yourself in the darkness. You are immersed in the feel and flow of wheels on road.

  • Aaron L

    The familiar roads of Griffith Park are mysterious with swooping owls, creaking trees, crying coyotes, the spinning wheels avoiding the potholes under the dark canopy.

  • One word …. freedom.

  • I love getting out of the drops and putting my head back to watch the stars as the wind blows by. That, and cops.

  • ciclista

    Getting away with stupid things: riding with my lights out through total darkness, racing my shadows, swerving from side to side…and suddenly…BOOM!!!…pothole 🙁

  • skreiss

    Seeing things in (no pun) a different light, there are different people out in the city, stars are out and getting to use my lights to make myself visible.

  • Moths!! I love riding laps around the park at night because of the moths. Fresh little protein pick me ups to help me keep going.

  • Tim Koster

    Night is for the batman, and I am the batman!

  • caais

    No noise, no car’s no worries, Just the wind in my beard.

  • Seanifred

    Late at night. Nothing but the whir of the tires pounding pavement and the rattle of the chain. Nothing like a black bike at night.

  • Night trail rides make me use all my senses and has my brain firing at 100% trying to keep me on my bike!

  • I like riding at night so I can use my Knog lights…and “the night time is the right time.”

  • You can see every car even though they are few and far between, which brings serene silence. You can’t see the top of the hill ahead of you, so just put your head down and cruise. You’ll be there sooner than you expect.

  • Samuel Arechiga

    Riding at night is dark.

  • I like riding at night because there are less cars and people.

  • Matthew Jones

    Through quiet suburban streets, the unmistakeable aromas of roasting meat fill the crisp night air, urging me to speed home to my own dinner.

  • Riding at night is best because fewer people can see me when I crash!

  • Night riding makes even your most used trail exciting all over again.

  • I like riding at night because I’m part of “the odd world of cyclists who ride in the dark away from civilization.”

  • Wish I could speak in just one sweep

    What riding in night means to me

    Instead I mumble randomly
    I wish Knog Blinder enlightened me

  • Vik

    The focused beam of my front light allows me to focus all my stresses of the day and clear them with each pedal stroke

  • Karol M Idziak

    I want to ride my bicycle, I wanto to ride my bike, and all I see is my awesome knog light!

  • Bill Crowder

    Riding at night, the familiar is foreign. The mundane becomes exhilarating. The heat becomes cool. Riding at night, the foreign becomes familiar.

  • Riding at night is more fun cause there’s no or less traffic and the air’s cooler so the mud tastes better.

  • kris

    Every Thursday the Night Rush attacks the city streets like a pack of nocturnal animals, riding through quiet roads, pulling the bright strings of our taillights behind.

  • Richard

    Riding at Night
    With the Speed of Light
    Everybody sleeps
    Except the cold breeze
    That quietly tails my wheeze

  • cam

    The quiet nights allow me to feel as though my human qualities fade away. I feel like the breeze.

  • I’ve always loved riding in the dark at night but lately I’ve been getting hate from other cyclists telling me to get some lights. That’s not the way it should be! We all ride two wheels but I suppose my bike’s unsafe at night without lights to be seen so I hope you can see the creativity in this comment and let me enjoy my night rides again through the parks or whatever…

  • Beer

  • chris king

    The darkness is falling fast

    In the dark, we may not be

    Where is the summer gone

    With all the light that we love

    A light promises us life

    in the darkness

    • Chris, congratulations. You’ve won the Knog Blinder 1 Japanese Special Edition. Love this kinda un-rhyming haiku-style poem with a mention of the all-importnat light in the darkness. Nice one!

  • JulesMenard

    less traffic, more ninja!

  • gmaster

    Night riding recalls everything fun about being a kid on a bike. Danger, freedom, innocence all come together under the yellow sheen of sodium light.

  • On the Ballona Creek path at night, no streetlights, like falling through space

  • greenbiker

    Riding at night releases my inner Batman, and when he comes out, adventure awaits…

  • Matthew

    Night divides the day. Knog divides the night.

  • Myshe

    The stroboscope effect that a good bike light creates when reflected in the road signs woth good music on a quiet dark road …..aaaaaahhhh

  • While the City sleeps…We come alive in the quietness. Just you and the road lit up by the street lights.

  • At night I feel like a rider and a passenger all at the same time, seeing a new city every path I take.

  • Gohtingrui

    Night paddle changes a clubber into a paddler.

  • Cuong Nguyen

    Darkness awakens senses you never knew existed…Cycling awakens your soul. Riding into the night creates a euphoric sensation of serenity, chaos, rhythm and balance.

  • Knog Knog
    Who’s there?
    The night

  • When I was a kid I used to pray every NIGHT for a new bicycle. Then I realised that the Lord doesn’t work that way so I stole one and asked Him to forgive me.
    Lord light my way

  • Diranne

    dark lights flashing

    rolling onwards down lane-ways of cobblestones

    plunging deeper into the night round corners

    following cars in a river of red

    the bridge towers in the darkness

    bright lights shimmer on the river below

    weaving through the streets of narrow

    homeward bound

    on my bike

  • A bike in the midnight lights of the city. The warm wind in your face. The lights forming lines in the back of the eye. The spasms of freedom inside.

  • In the silence
    of predawn Houston
    I ride alone, in the cool dark,
    but for the armadillo,
    a reminder, the city is not mine alone.

  • Mitch

    If you ride at night with your led lights on, and the (very high) frequencies of your frontlight pair with your frontwheel profile, causing a shutter effect and makes your wheel stand still – is pure magic for me. It appears at specific speed and gives me the competition to drive as consistent as possible.