Detroit Bicycle Co. Land Speed Bike

Detroit Bicycle Co. Land Speed Bike

We saw two contenders for the Land Speed Record by motor-paced bicycle in 2013 — Tom Donhou’s Flying Miler and Guy Martin’s Rourke Cycle, both from the United Kingdom. Detroit Bicycle Company’s Land Speed Bike Land Speed Bike comes from the other side of the Atlantic which, regardless of the outcome, definitely wins the award for most embellished and reminiscent of a golden era.

Detroit Bicycle Co. Land Speed Bike

Steven Bock of the Detroit Bicycle Company has, so far, become well known for his track frames, built with a nostalgic nod to the glory days of the Motor City. Look hard enough at his portfolio and your eyes will wash over with a sepia hue, and his Land Speed Bike is no exception — gloss black and copper highlights reference the pinnacle of the city’s auto industry.

Detroit Bicycle Co. Land Speed Bike

While not necessarily a record beater, it’s certainly a head-turner, although for those watching Steve riding it while being paced by a vintage Detroit Chevy ’63 Impala, they run the risk of a severe case of whiplash. A 93-tooth chainring should do the job, laser cut with the Detroit Bicycle Co. logotype. As it stands, the frame is probably one of the finest examples of trillium you’ll ever see.

Detroit Bicycle Co. Land Speed Bike

There’s a lot to admire here, so Steve’s background in automotive show car building shouldn’t come as a surprise. Inspiration came from a six day rider named Alfred ‘The Red Devil’ Letourneur, who hit 108.92 mph on a Schwinn Paramount in 1941. Steve is making five of his flying machines, so if you feel like having a crack at your own record, contact him through his website.

Big thanks to Dong Park for the photos.

Detroit Bicycle Co. Land Speed Bike

  • roadeeee

    wow ….speed bike with vittoria zaffiro, please. This thing is useless other than marketing and wall ornament.

    • Dainius

      agree.. very much,is just a pure ‘none’… total waist of ‘all’ (personal opinion;)

      • jeremynorth

        Apart from that ridiculous chain wheel, I love the steam punk look. The copper finishing is beautiful

  • Anton Rodman

    Drilled and copper accents and a nice track triangle and then that Frisbee for a chain ring (mind you its one of the best i’ve seen for a ridonkulous velo speed attempt). Serves some purpose but seems pretentious. Wouldn’t trust a single pinch bolt on stem to bar set up nor a drilled trillium frame/fork if the idea is to go very fast. Old school toe clips and straps for a speed attempt? Nah! Garish but I would like it more if it was left in peace as a true track frame minus the abomination chainring.

  • Doug M.

    I believe the term is ‘drillium’ instead of ‘trillium’. Would have been cool to make some copper ano spoke nipples.

  • Dael Franke

    Ah, I see that they are using speedhole technology for the extra speeds. I’ll take mine with an automatic moustachio-twirler, thank you.