Donhou Bicycles Alanna’s Townie

Donhou Bicycles Alanna's Townie

While the United Kingdom has an age-old and rich tradition of custom frame builders, it also has a number of very talented and passionate young builders. Tom Donhou is one, located in Norwich, in the east of England. His work attracted the attention of Alanna, a Berlin rider who required a fitting replacement for her beloved, but aging, town bike.

Alanna supplied numerous style references, but one item that really stood out was a favorite bracelet of hers, a vintage silver Art Deco piece with emerald green inlaid bands. It’s easy to see the influence in the bike Tom created for her, which is just as much a piece of jewellery. The frame is a combination of fillet brazed and bi-lam construction, with internal routing for the brakes.

“The twin seat stays take inspiration from the Art Deco period and also help replace the stiffness lost from the lack of conventional top tube”, Tom writes. The real standout is the custom chain guard and stainless steel shifter for the Alfine 8 hub. It’s been a busy year for Tom, building some very smooth bikes and getting published in the Made in England book and the 2013 Cycle EXIF Calendar.

Tristan Conor Holden took these brilliant photos of the final result, but head to the Donhou Bicycles website to see more details.

Donhou Bicycles Alanna's Townie
Donhou Bicycles Alanna's Townie
Donhou Bicycles Alanna's Townie
Donhou Bicycles Alanna's Townie
Donhou Bicycles Alanna's Townie
Donhou Bicycles Alanna's Townie
Donhou Bicycles Alanna's Townie

  • reverend dick

    Really really nice.

  • Fernando

    Angles look steep for a city bike. Details are nice, but I don’t really like the chainguard.

  • Drew

    Welding the handlebars into place seems a poor choice. Though attractive, the bars are one of the first things to be wrecked in if a crash were to unfortunately occur. How would you swap them out?

    • Keith F

      They are welded to the stem, not the frame. Swap both. It’s the price for beauty, and this bike has it in spades. Simply gorgeous.

  • the mechanic

    stunning work , love the clean touches such as the mudguard mounts , i would have had some racks brazed on but hey its a custom build , beautiful bike though.

  • Lewn

    Is there something wrong with the photo because the head tube angle looks to be like 80 degrees, you could catch your foot on the front mud-guard? If that’s right it’s probably a super twitchy ride, surely needs to be slacker geometry?

  • Daniel

    Lovely bike, simply stunning. However it’s unfortunately the photos that irked me here. Everyone loves a sharp focal point with some fuzz, but this is just too extreme, like it’s been instagrammed. The chain-guard shot for instance, it’d be nice to make out the entire piece.