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Donhou Bicycles Luke’s Commuter

Donhou Bicycles Lukes Commuter

Lamborghini fans will recognize the dark metallic gray of this commuter Tom Donhou built for Luke, it’s called Grigio Telesto — a standard paint option and a refreshing change to the Gulf Oil scheme we see so much of. Around London’s streets, however, Luke’s Commuter is a much more effective mode of transport than any four-wheeled throaty gargler from the Italian marque.

Luke was inspired by Tom’s two-speed belt-drive commuter that won the the Reynolds ‘Best of Show’ award at Bespoked Bristol 2011, and Tom obliged, albeit with a few variations. This version is a single speed, tensioned by an eccentric bottom bracket. The Bespoked Bristol show winner ran a Gates Carbon Drive Sytem, which was also brought into service for Luke’s Commuter.

The spec list is solid and reliable: Tom engineered post mounts to carry the SRAM Elixir hydro discs with internally routed hoses, there’s a splash of Thomson, H Plus Son rims and a Hope headset. The pierced-style fillet brazed bar/stem combo appears on every townie Tom has built — an embellishment that ensures every ride is a stylish one.

Special thanks to Tristan Conor Holden for the photography.

Donhou Bicycles Lukes Commuter
Donhou Bicycles Lukes Commuter
Donhou Bicycles Lukes Commuter
Donhou Bicycles Lukes Commuter
Donhou Bicycles Lukes Commuter
Donhou Bicycles Lukes Commuter
Donhou Bicycles Lukes Commuter

  • sygyzy

    What a beautiful machine.

  • Ethan

    I really like the idea of the eccentric bottom bracket. Who needs horizontal dropouts?

  • itsmefool

    Yep, gorgeous; I wonder, though, why it doesn’t have a chainguard, er, belt guard, if it’s for a commuter? Would it be assumed the savvy rider would just strap a rubber band his or her right pant leg or do belt drives simply have no appetite for clothing?

  • Filly-fuzz

    Here I was thinking it was regular dark grey, how embarrassing

  • Onelesspedestrian

    A lot of custom bikes are super nice, and then drop the ball from the headset on up – huge stack of spacers under an ugly stem worthy of a cheap bike. Not this one, that bar setup is gorgeous! further with the great design is the post mount rear disc, tucked in BETWEEN the seat/chainstay junction. Super clean design at the dropout end is all the reason you need to do eccentric BB. If I could change one thing, I think it should have a custom steel fork. This one looks good, but imagine if we had more brilliant custom post mounts to look at, and something that could be leaned against a rack without wrecking the carbon. I’d welcome it to my collection….

  • Sebastian

    Am I missing the requisite break in the stays to get the belt into the rear triangle— or did he just weld it right into there?

    • Onelesspedestrian

      I see two little dots near the brake bridge, not enough of a closeup to be sure, but I think that’s the split. Creative location for it if so.

  • Andypants

    Incredible! That cockpit is icing on the cake! Just not sure why the words ‘reliable’ and ‘elixir’ were used in the same sentence in the writeup.

  • Suzaku

    I love this shop’s style; his bikes are super clean, but still innovative and visually interesting. This is a complete bike – every part of it has been thought out, producing a cohesive design from cockpit to seat stays.

  • Rangga Panji

    I personally love the rear post-mount style caliper mount. exciting twist.