Eighthinch Scrambler V3

Eighthinch Scrambler V3

Kris from Locked Cog finished building up his Eighthinch Scrambler as a winter bike, with an almost complete Eighthinch ensemble of parts to match. It adds up to a build that’s as burly as Kris needs it to be, and rugged enough to withstand a season’s worth of inclement weather riding.

Eighthinch is the fixed gear section of Wheel and Sprocket, a family owned bike shop that’s been faithfully serving the Milwaukee area since 1973. They manufacture most of the components you need to build a complete bike, and sponsor a team of dedicated riders, of which Kris is a member. In fact, pretty much everything on this bike is Eighthinch branded, except for the pegs, grips, Leader forks and bars, Cult seat and those Milwaukee Nickel bar ends.

It’s a little hard to comprehend the necessity for a dedicated winter bike, especially while down under in Australia we’re enjoying the heat, beach and a cold beer. So Kris’s bike is a little reminder to enjoy the weather while it lasts, because it too, moves in cycles.

Eighthinch Scrambler V3
Eighthinch Scrambler V3
Eighthinch Scrambler V3
Eighthinch Scrambler V3
Eighthinch Scrambler V3
Eighthinch Scrambler V3
Eighthinch Scrambler V3

  • EightInch as in 1/8th of an inch e.g. 1/8″ chain ubiquitous on track and bmx bikes.

    • Guest

      Actually it seems that the branding is EIGHTHINCH. We seeme to be missing an H on every iteration of the name on this page. Check the chainring.

  • Dontcoast

    while Kris is a ripper and this bike is sweet… winter bikes have fenders 😀

    also, i fail to understand pivotal saddles on a fixed gear.

  • xxx

    I resent the fact that a low-end fixed gear freestyle bike is on cycleexif next to a custom Icarus. Not to mention it’s not even a functional or reasonably attractive winter bike.

  • Markenduro

    And the front tyre is on backwards

  • Thanks for the post Adam!


    Thanks :)…haven’t seen you pop up in comments in a while! Fenders are removable 🙂 and Ive managed to bend or break rails on just about every seat ive owned. Everything from CrMo MTB seats to nice Ti railed leather saddles. Plenty of Turbo and Turbo knock offs that I loved even. The pivotal will either last or snap in half…either way im hoping it’ll be around longer than a couple months like most railed saddles have.


    Whether or not its attractive is personal opinion and I respect that. Though i would say it’s functional as I don’t drive and ride this thing every day. That Icarus is drool worthy though.


    Actually both the tires are on “backwards” right now. I have to flip them around often to keep them wearing evenly from doing tricks. Sliders wear down my tires rather quickly on the left side when they’re on the front so they dont stay set up any one way for long.

  • Gndone

    nice trick bike, what size your tire..??