Fairweather CX

Fairweather CX

There’s a little bike shop in Shibuya, Tokyo, called Blue Lug, who never cease to amaze with me the eclectic combinations of color and styles they apply to their bikes. You’ll find them in both subtle and multi-colored schemes but never without a respectful nod to tradition. They’ve just released a production frame, the Fairweather CX, created in association with Toyo Frame.

The Fairweather is a versatile, multi-butted chromoly frame that can be dressed in any number of combinations, already evidenced by Blue Lug’s flicker set. We can see a navy blue townie, a traditionnel cork-gripped and Brooks-saddled pink tourer, and an eye-searingly colorful ‘crosser. With both horizontal dropouts and a mech hanger, the frame caters for either single speed or geared configurations and the rear 132.5mm spacing means both road and MTB hubs can be used.

Here’s another ‘cross bike, built up with Shimano’s 105 components, which are just as reliable as they were when first released. The White Industries hubs, cranks and chain rings will stand up to a vast amount of abuse, fitted alongside Paul Components and Thomson hardware. The handmade stems are supplied by Nitto and there’s even an expandable saddlebag available.

The deal includes the straight-blade fork. A completely custom paint job by Cook Paint Works requires an additional charge (a vast array of 80s inspired finishes is available), but a solid color is included in the price of ¥63,000. The frames come in small, medium and large and to top it all off, you can choose one of three different brass head badges and decal designs. The Fairweather is sold in-store only, but you can read more about the brand on the Fairweather website.

Fairweather CX
Fairweather CX
Fairweather CX
Fairweather CX
Fairweather CX
Fairweather CX

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  • itsmefool

    Like it…orange and black always look good together (just ask Harley); well done!

    • Filly-fuzz

      I’m sure you mean KTM……..
      Yeah orange and black is on the never fail list of colour combos.
      Maybe black rims and spokes with regular chromed nipples would’ve finished it off?
      EDIT: oh I couldn’t see the black wheels through my cracked screen, my bad!
      Either way, nice bike

      • itsmefool

        Heh, heh…might want to check out the H-D logo, Filly.

        • Filly-fuzz

          I could post photos of every KTM ever made seen as all their bikes that I’m aware of are/were offered in orange but I I digress.

          The CX is sweet

          (also the dirt reference?)

          • http://twitter.com/aguycalled80 Adrian Frey

            best argument since “you got chocolate in my peanut butter” vs. “you got peanut butter on my chocolate.”

  • http://twitter.com/andrewfelix Andrew Felix

    Yes please! Looks like it could take beating.
    One gripe would be the tyre being awfully close to the top of the seat stays.

    • itsmefool

      Yeah, saw that, too. I’m thinking that be one of the first places to grab some mud.

    • Cynikal

      I think those are the Bruce Gordon Rock and Road tires. They are 43mm wide, that would explain the tight clearance.

  • http://spinynorman.tumblr.com Spiny Norman


  • K4m1k4z3

    Does anyone know what chainguide is that? Looks very minimalistic and simple, I like it.

    • Sebastian

      I believe it’s the Paul Chainkeeper.