Fast Boy Assless Bike

Fast Boy Assless Bike

The last time I saw this bike, it had a rattle can black spray job. Thankfully, the Fast Boy Cycle’s Assless Bike is back. After a sustained hiatus, it’s got a fresh white powder coat with a positive red cross. For those that have crept upon this blog late, and the Fast Boy blog, Ezra from Fast Boy Cycle has a form of cancer that has rendered him unable to ride a bicycle. Well, that is, sitting down…

Enter, stage left, the Assless Bike. Being one of New York’s most talented builders, Ezra constructed himself a frame that did not require a seat mast or saddle. In true Fast Boy style, the result was one of pure style. Completely fulfilling the brief, nothing extraneous, just the fax, ma’am, just the fax. Geez, when this bike gets it’s ass back, it’s gonna be the perfect NY bike. White Industries cranks and free wheel, one perfect front disc, Schwalbe Super Moto rubber, Thomson Elite stem and cork grips. On thing’s for sure, the man knows how to put a bike together and make it look the goods.

Ezra, keep going. Teach that cancer to cry.

Fast Boy Assless Bike
Fast Boy Assless Bike
Fast Boy Assless Bike
Fast Boy Assless BikeFast Boy Assless Bike

  • teo

    Damn! This is attitude. This guy is tough!

  • Dan

    Sick. I can sit just fun and I still want one!

  • Sam

    Looks like a cruiser mated with a trials rig…

  • Gus


  • tdk

    Why only a front brake if he is really riding this one?

    • harpo

      there is only a front brake as a fixed gear bike doesn’t require a back brake!

      • baldkat82

        it’s not a fixie. that’s a freewheel on the rear. Why the hell would they not use a single speed cassette hub?