Fast Boy Cycles Nose Bike

Fast Boy Cycles Nose Bike

New York is one of the world’s greatest cities, which will continue to increase in greatness as it encourages cycling as a more efficient and accessible mode of personal transportation. Ezra Caldwell, of Fast Boy Cycles, is dedicated to making bikes inspired by NY: strong, stylish, fast and hard-working.

Fast Boy Cycles Nose Bike

Ezra has built track, road, mixte and MTB frames since he started Fast Boy Cycles in 2007, but has a special passion for creating subtle, utilitarian, functional bikes that enable people to leave the car at home. Marci’s Nose Bike is the latest refinement of a design that Ezra has been developing.

Fast Boy Cycles Nose Bike

The Nose Bike combines large load capacity with an nimble agility, perfect for navigating neighborhood traffic and running errands, picking up groceries or doing a beer run. Ezra makes the wooden fenders and the crate / platform combo, which disengages easily to carry larger loads.

Fast Boy Cycles Nose Bike

Fast Boy Cycles has a brand new website which features not only his recent builds and woodwork, but also profiles his fine photography and gourmand cooking skills. It’s obvious he loves what he does, whether it’s building beautiful bikes or cooking culinary creations.

PS: Ezra is offering for sale the touring bike he built for himself. It’s one of my favorite-ever bikes and was featured in this year’s Cycle EXIF Custom Bicycle Calendar — the poster boy for April. Read more about this incredible opportunity on Fast Boy Cycles Process Blog.

Fast Boy Cycles Nose Bike

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  • Neil Fenton


  • Mclennan Cycles

    I really like that, perfect for the Sunday market run.

  • veloexpat

    Here in the philippines i had a crappy bmx painted in rust protecter red with a left over drawer box on the front, it looked like crap and i still can,t believe someone stole it, Ps love the fenders