Fast Boy Cycles Randonneur

Fast Boy Cycles Randonneur

The hypothetically remedial benefits of riding a bicycle have been well documented over the years. But whenever my spirits are low or my day seems monotonous, I like to go for a ride and then, afterwards, have a look at the portfolio of Ezra Caldwell’s Fast Boy Cycles. Every one of his steel creations exude a warm depth of character, while the colors and textures incorporated into his builds are as reassuring as a Chesterfield lounge and a single malt Scotch whiskey.

This randonneur is one of Ezra’s later builds from 2010, and, as usual, feature a selection of the highest quality components slung together with what always seems to be a stylish nonchalance: the handlebars are those made by Nitto for Bicycle Quarterly, Tune cranks and rings, saddle and portage by Gilles Berthould, brake calipers by Paul and Schmidt dynamo hubs and lights. The vanilla paint is like ice cream, but it’s that plain love heart head badge that gets me. That’s the only detail one needs.

See more of his bikes on the Fast Boy Cycles flickr stream. For real inspiration, however, read his blog: Teaching Cancer To Cry.

Fast Boy Cycles Randonneur
Fast Boy Cycles Randonneur
Fast Boy Cycles Randonneur
Fast Boy Cycles Randonneur
Fast Boy Cycles Randonneur
Fast Boy Cycles Randonneur

  • Semilog

    That is the single most elegant, perfect, and inspiring bicycle that you have posted on. You may as well quit now.


  • Burtonb

    This is about as good as it gets. Ice cream cycling love!

  • Ezra is awesome. Nice work, buddy.

  • I am in love.

    (and I wish Ezra the best.)

  • Apertome

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • mack-o-matik

    ouh. achieved. perfect match. speechless. this purity Ezra’s showing with his creations makes me believe in his strength on focusing on the really important things – in life and in his fight also.

  • Anyone happen to know who makes those straddle cable carriers? It’s the tiny details like those that make this bike so perfect.

  • Billgates

    the cable carriers are velo orange.

  • Crazypandakills