Fast Boy Cycles TF5

Fast Boy Cycles TF5

Even in the face of major obstacles, Ezra Caldwell has been unable to keep away from the jig and out of the kitchen. His latest build, a well-heeled, single speed dark horse, is another example of Ezra’s love for creating bikes that are perfectly suited to riding around his beloved New York City. Each of them are burly, stylish, strong and sophisticated.

You can find out what TF5 stands for on Ezra’s blog, Teaching Cancer to Cry, which has existed as an electronic journal documenting his battle with the disease. TF5 is a fillet-brazed frame, similar in tone to the ‘Nose Bikes’ that have been keeping him busy. The cockpit consists of a pair of custom handlebars with wooden extensions, leading to a gentle curve that finishes at the rear wheel. The dropout design is Ezra’s own, originally to streamline ‘interior mount’ disc brakes on his ‘Nose Bikes’. Two drive side dropouts have been used, as the customer requested a front brake only. A custom seat clamp and top cap reflect the brass accents.

Once again, the spirit of these bikes are summed up by the Fast Boy Cycles head badge — a big, gleaming heart. I had the pleasure of conducting a short interview with Ezra a while back, which gives a special insight into his creativity. You can see more of Ezra’s beautiful bikes on his flickr stream, but keep an eye on his blog for all workshop updates and build processes, including this video.

Fast Boy Cycles TF5
Fast Boy Cycles TF5
Fast Boy Cycles TF5
Fast Boy Cycles TF5
Fast Boy Cycles TF5
Fast Boy Cycles TF5

  • Boats ‘n’ Bikes

    Beautiful craftsmanship and details. That fat rubber is urban-perfect.

  • Fpavão

    Nice handlebars. But what happens on a fall. Doesn’t anyone think splinters would be kinda dangerous?

    • I wouldnt worry about them snapping during a fall. I’d be worry about the surface of the wood being rough after weeks of leaning the bars up against brick walls and injecting splinters ino the palms of your hands!

  • Anonymous

    Really like the wheel and tire choices, I love fat rubber on the street. Single speed is cool too. Seems like a shame to have no rear brakes, but that is what the customer ordered I suppose. Frame is really nice, love those welds.

    I think I’d prefer a more boring bar and grips.

  • Daniel


  • That’s really cool!

  • Neil Fenton

    Love a good cruiser. Very nice looking bike sir.  

  • gnarggles


  • i’d have it with gears…

  • oxide23

    That must be very fun to ride. Love handlebar set up. Simply beautiful.

  • Hugh KIrk

    Oh yeah, That’s one cool bike…………A bit porny but that’s okay.

  • adie.mitchell

    anybody know what the finish on this frame is?