Federal Cycles Light Tourer

Federal Cycles Randonneur

There are thousands and thousands of bicycles in Indonesia, produced by a handful of manufacturers whose focus is more on international export than aesthetics or ride quality. Before being slapped with an anti-dumping sanction, Federal Cycles Mustika churned out millions of mediocre bikes but this light tourer is an example of reliable and functional beauty.

Arif Ahadiyanto is a passionate Surabayan cyclist who both enjoys riding and reinvigorating old Federal Cycles. He assembled this model from mostly second hand parts and a lick of rust-proofing paint. Constructed from steel tubing that will last longer than Arif, it’s a fine illustration of the fact that you don’t require a massive budget to maintain a beautiful bicycle.

Federal Cycles Randonneur
Federal Cycles Randonneur
Federal Cycles Randonneur
Federal Cycles Randonneur
Federal Cycles Randonneur
Federal Cycle Randonneur

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  • http://www.facebook.com/leo.cheung.393 Leo Cheung

    A bike restored with ❤. Kudos to cycleexif for sticking out their critical necks for this one!

  • GuitarSlinger

    My guess it this is one of those ‘ ugly ducklings ‘ that works and functions so well you just have to love em . Am I correct ?

  • Spiny Norman

    Tasteful & gorgeous. This is what it’s all about.

  • Jack Brown

    I’m a lumber jack….and I’m ok

  • Sully

    Where can I find a picture of a federal jaguar 550, it maybe from 2004, I have one but can find any info anywhere, if anyone help I would be greteful