Field Cycles Fixed Road

Field Cycles Fixed Road

During the Industrial Revolution, Sheffield was synonymous with steel production and the sun rarely shone through the clouds of smog. Today, it’s one of Europe’s greenest cities, with the highest ratio of trees to people of any city in the continent. Field Cycles are intent on brightening up the local handmade bicycle scene also.

Field Cycles may not be the first custom bike builders in Sheffield, but they are the most modern. The team consists of Harry, a machinist who has steel running through his veins, and Tom, the designer and photographer, who successfully makes sure their work is noticed and admired. The eye-catching graphics are painted — without the aid of decals — by Cromaworks, another Sheffield local.

This is their latest build, a fixed gear road trainer. It incorporates one of their custom made 44mm I.D. integral head tubes, CNC-machined from a chunk of Reynolds 531. The stem / bar combo includes an integrated top bearing cover machined out of stainless steel, creating an ultra-clean profile. It’s got a curvy rear end, graced with heavily S-bended seat stays topped with an over-sized seat post.

Winter is encroaching upon the northern hemisphere, but no-one in Sheffield will be suffering from SAD with that dazzling hi-viz paint riding around. See more brilliant work from Field Cycles and updates from the workshop on their website.

Field Cycles Fixed Road
Field Cycles Fixed Road
Field Cycles Fixed Road
Field Cycles Fixed Road
Field Cycles Fixed Road
Field Cycles Fixed Road

  • Stevesy

    Its all a bit Speedvagen-esque really

  • Ponder This

    I guarantee the lead time is substantially lower than Speedvagen, as well as the entry fee….

  • mattprovidence

    there’s homage to an aesthetic, and then there’s plain thievery. even the hub are striped like a ‘vagen! wow.

  • veloexpat

    Yawn another fixie, at least its made in England, but no brooks saddle? how shameful!

    • Adrian Salter


  • Love the paint except for the whole purple thing … looks strange to me

  • matt

    What mattprovidence said. Looking at the web page only makes it more obvious.

  • tom

    That ring, paired up with a DA crank…criminal!

  • integrated seatpost on a fixie.?. now that’s something i’d never thought of…