Focale 44 Polo Bike

Focale 44 Polo Bike

It was interesting to note the presence of the Geekhouse polo bike at this year’s NAHBS: it shows that builders are aware of the increasing popularity of bicycle polo. Focale 44 is the fixed gear arm of a French BMX company who came on the scene with a series of modular looking off-the-peg bikes in 2009, and this is their contribution to the sport of bike polo.

Polo is an age-old aspect of our culture that, along with bicycle speedway, grass track racing and cyclocross, has existed in the background and is enjoying a resurgence thanks to the renewed interest in fixed gear culture. Focale 44’s Polo Bike is the essential extension of their range into polo: a tidy frame, a refreshing lack of branding with a distinctly French sense of style. It’s running a short 28/17 gear ratio, with a 1” stem, narrow risers, a 48-spoke wheel set and one hell of a laid back seat post to enable the quick revolutions required on the court.

Thankfully, the pictures of the Focale 44 Polo Bike tell a thousand words, thanks to the eye of Benoit Guerry—one of the world’s foremost motorcycle photographers. His work has been seen numerous times on the pages of Bike EXIF, and he is one of the driving forces, along with Vincent Prat, behind the French motorcycle blog, Southsiders MC.

Focale 44 Polo Bike
Focale 44 Polo Bike
Focale 44 Polo Bike
Focale 44 Polo Bike
Focale 44 Polo Bike
Focale 44 Polo Bike
 Focale 44 Polo Bike

  • Anonymous

    This bike with black hubs: invisible.
    This bike with gold hubs: striking.

  • Pete Old

    straight outta taiwan. nice photos of a $499 fixie. Quality over quantity please, CE.

    • I realize this, Pete, but the photography is the focus here!

  • Prad



  • Perspective

    Look at all those negative nancies….
    I mean I don’t ride a fixie for my commute either. But it says “polo bike” in the title. Can’t you see the reasoning behind this design, and recognize that it’s not gonna work well for your little commute of your spandex club ride, but it does suit it’s particular purpose?

    • Dontcoast

      it does not, in any way (gear ratio aside)

  • Dontcoast

    this is not a polo bike. it does not suit the named purpose.

    23c’s? brakeless? maaaad toe overlap? fixed brakeless? what is this, 2004?

    look at what people are riding for polo now. 2 brakes freewheel with fat slick tires
    the geekhouse bike is a bit too yellow for me, but hits the nail on the head in design: it’s a serious world travel tournament competition polo bike. this one is a joke

    oh, and 2 bolt stems? most road stems are 4 bolt now, so a 2 bolt for polo…

    hmm. I think they were thinking radball based on that seatpost.

    …at least the gear ratio’s appropriate for polo.

    …this would be a very pretty track frame if built totally different. (see, I can be posy too)

    • Philosivad

      Ñot everyone rides huge tires. Those look to be about 25c, which is what x2 rides and you don’t give him shit for that. Plus, the geo looks great for polo with the exception of toe overlap, especially the high bb. Yeah i agree about the brakes, and the lack of canti posts was a bad choice. If it is fairly affordable though, it doesnt look like a terrible crack at a polo bike. 48 hole wheel with a 1 cross lacing (nice choice btw) in the front as well as that super setback post look pretty rad as far as a stock bike go. Agreed that the geekhouse bike is just about ideal, definitely better than this, but it was brads custom frame that was definitely in the 4 figure range. I like to see more companies offering bikes for polo. Tweak that geo, add a couplered option and itll be primo!

      • Dontcoast

        checking out their website confirmed that this is just focale’s stock street track bike with a different setup.

        it does come with 28’s and clear 32’s (& i’m pretty sure x2 rides 28’s)

        a couple other great tidbits from the website:
        Frame Hi-ten, […] weld-on seat clamp
        Fork Hi-ten, 1″ threaded, short rake

        and “1-cross”? front’s radial dawg!

  • I love it all except the golden hubs!

  • Ed

    cheap and nasty written all over it.
    Toe overlap is worse than on almost any other otp I’ve seen..