Frank Wadelton Road

Frank Wadelton Road

Let’s see if we can compile a list of bike brands that Frank The Welder has worked for and contributed to their good reputation. Here’s a start: Spooky Cycles, Sinister, Sweetheart Cycles, Yeti, Turner, Barracuda, Easton… Needless to say, Frank Wadelton is a worthy inductee into the Mountain Bike Hall of Fame. Today, his frames are still highly sought after, especially if you’re after a quality custom aluminum MTB or road bike.

Joey Celis is a Bay Area photographer whose Soma Prestige porteur we featured in November 2012. A few months ago he and Franked worked on a road frame with a style and geometry based on Joey’s first generation Kagero and a 1993 Cannondale Track. The project came together well, the frame’s short stature showing off the welds that Frank is famous for. Joey tells me the 7005 aluminum frame rides like a track bike on steroids, and it looks like that wouldn’t be far from the truth.

Frank Wadelton Road
Frank Wadelton Road
Frank Wadelton Road

  • natasha

    thats a cute bike !

  • Onelesspedestrian

    cute like winning a criterium! Nice recovery from yesterday’s atrocity, BTW

    • Sebastian

      Yeah, this thing looks quick. Love it.

      • It’s a great handling bike. Thanks!

  • Animal Mother

    I adore this

  • Prof. Rick

    On a different note, beautiful photography Joey, particularly the food shots.

    • Thank you kind sir.

  • Brian Bromfield

    Kin awesome !! Want it !

  • trey

    I have a FTW built Yeti, always have felt like I own a piece of history… Nice pics BTW

  • misterdangerpants