Garage 271 Nostra

Garage 271 Nostra

The term ‘custom bicycle’ can have two different meanings, but both are correct. One definition refers to the hand built frame that’s assembled from materials such as steel, titanium, composite fibers, wood or even bamboo. The other refers to bikes that are the product of the modular nature of their components and accessories. Germany’s Garage 271 are specialists of the latter category, cobbling together eclectic and vintage parts to create a machine that’s rough, ready and completely custom.

Garage 271 is the work of Frank Heinrich and Oliver Aschenbrenner, two passionate riders with extensive backgrounds in BMX, mountain biking, photography and engineering. This is their latest compilation, primarily to keep Oliver on the road while he completes his Honda GB 500 TT project. The base is a 1969 FLH Nostra frame, re-constructed with a pair of steel forks, Magura hydraulic brake, motorbike handlebars, an ancient VDO speedo and vintage battery-powered Bosch lighting.

It’s well-worn, but exudes a personality that is impossible to buy off the shelf — and that’s what custom is all about. See more details, and read about their ‘Emission Zero’ ethos, on the Garage 271 website.

Garage 271 Nostra
Garage 271 Nostra
Garage 271 Nostra
Garage 271 Nostra
Garage 271 Nostra
Garage 271 Nostra
Garage 271 Nostra
Garage 271 Nostra

  • Bob


  • Sebastian

    Ghetto, yes, that’s why this thing rules.

  • Loving the front light.

  • Shawn Cerveny

    Oh well, I guess the bike porn @ exif can’t be good everyday…

  • Now&Zen

    This is the very antithesis of the ‘ Winter ‘ bike : whereas the ‘ Winter’ was the epitome of restraint and good taste with incredible craftsmanship ….. this is overly busy – sloppy – poorly conceived and even more poorly executed .

    FYI – to qualify Ghetto you’d need to strip 90% of the add ons from the bike – cause if you didn’t your local Five Fingered Discount Expert in the Ghetto would

    No …… this isn’t ghetto . Its just a mess

    • Launchpad

      You haven’t been to the ghetto lately, then, maximum accessorization is en vogue.

  • Kilroy

    For every cliche about hipsters and fixies… This is, in fact, the true hipster bicycle. Tons of style, no class…

  • Sebastian

    Oh, lighten up.

  • i thought i had put together some ugly bicycles…

  • itsmefool

    So judging by the comments, will his Honda get trounced once it shows up on bikeexif? Hope the guy has a thick skin! My thoughts on this: well, Mom always told me if you can’t say something nice…

  • BikeColletor

    Nice one. Quite extraordinary! Give me some thoughts for a next projecct …

  • robflyte

    the most character in a bike I’ve seen here in a while

  • area man

    go to any college campus and you will find this exact bicycle, except those are built out of desperation and poverty. just because you have all the parts laying around and they somehow fit together, doesn’t always mean you should build something. this is very bad.

  • Mr Bridge

    The bicycle equivalent of a rat-look VW Golf MkII complete with rusty panels, roof-rack and iron-cross decals, parked inside a branch of Martin Margiela. A scenester’s wet dream.

  • I almost dig it. That seat clamp mounted on the frontside of the seatpost needs to be changed! Other than that, I appreciate all the motorcycle cues. I especially like the way that rear wheel fills out that stubby fender. Now only if I could muster the watts to burn out through an intersection of my local commute!

  • part bike, part cycle. attitude.